Transition of business of domestic IPhone application development: Training qualified personnel is done groom

On March 19 message, gain of business of development of domestic IPhone application software sees a company (rich of the following abbreviation looks) Zhang Yue of associated author, CEO is considering moving recently, the office spot person because of their 300 much square metre is completely suffer from, the office of great majority is vacated to do IPhone application development to groom classroom. Actually, this also is rich since seeing a company do poineering work 2 years the biggest the cost of transition. As home famous IPhone application software develops business, rich looked to once created game of a mobile phone last year year the record that earns 3 million dollar. However they are determined to increase however and unprofitable grooms business. The data shows, at present rich sees the student that grooming amount to 200, term half an year, by every student 16 thousand tuition is calculated, rich sees half an year groom battalion closes for 3.2 million RMB, annual income is 6.4 million yuan. Convert does not spend 900 thousand dollar into the dollar, 1/7 what use game business for IPhone only. And, the pattern of IPhone game business compared with the make big profits with a small capital, groom below traditional line the business works hard already trival, student amount is fast dilate is very difficult, the environmental impact that get is very big. On March 16 afternoon, tecent science and technology interviewed Zhang Yue in the light of this one doubt. Because the condition is finite, be in short inside the hour, the place that we speak is ceaselessly between boiled water, the corridor between the classroom, company is downstage between move. Zhang Yue also is in busy in the overall that held oneself in the palm gradually " worry " . Rich looks evolve history: 20 people regular army is domestic IPhone application development gain of the biggest company sees a company held water 2008, basically pursue application development of IPhone mobile phone. Two years short, rich sees a company make the unboiled water that get wind in this one domain. A fact that provides demonstrative power quite is: Rich looked 2009 commodity of much money game is judged 3 times to be high-quality goods by malic App Store continuously. Become means 37 minutes to calculate by apple and developer, rich looks to rely on a game to earned 3 million U.S. dollor namely 2009 only. Zhang Yue introduces to Tecent science and technology, because catch the demand that followed user of mobile phone of IPhone of North America market,the reason that rich sees a success is, namely clench education and medical treatment the application of two domains. Rich looks to acquire the first successful product in North America market, it is one is located in 4 years old surely the following little count study assists game software " Cute Math " , collect fees 1.99 dollars. "Cute Math " in App Store optimal education kind on program pop chart the row pays fee kind the first, download quantity is amounted to 2 million times, after with the apple cent is become, rich sees battalion receive nearly 3 million dollar. Rich sees the 2nd product that acquires a success is " Eye Test " , one uses the medical treatment tool that auxiliary eyesight checks. In pop chart of program of health of optimal medical treatment of App S Tore the row pays fee kind the first, download quantity also is as high as 1.5 million times. Zhang Yue is to this explanation: "Medical treatment and educational field, it is the choice that the basis that we became sufficient survey to North America market makes. In mobile Internet times, these two domains also are our importunate a main way. " [1] [2] issues one page

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