Global hacker congress: Does breach IPhone reward 15 thousand beautiful knife?

Company of 3Com of network security company's subordinate TippingPoint company announces, on CanSecWest of coming global hacker congress, tippingPoint company atttacks the hacker of a series of webpage browsers and mobile equipment to offer the money reward of 100 thousand dollar to can succeeding. The CanSecWest of global hacker congress this year will be held on March 24, contest of hacker of the 4th Pwn2Own will be held during. TippingPoint company atttacks the player of browser of webpage of 4 big main trends to can succeeding, reward 40 thousand dollar. Browser of this 4 big webpages is: The IE browser of Microsoft, Firefox browser of red fox company, Chrome browser of cereal song company, Safari browser that reachs malic company. Average browser of a mainstream rewards every breach 10 thousand dollar. In the match, the Windows 7 that will is in to install safe patch by the IE browser of attack moves below the operating system. Safari browser is installing operating system of malic OS ounce next moving. If the hacker is right the attack of IE browser is likewise OK in Vista or XP the operating system falls effective, so this player will be obtained add cent. The expert thinks, if be opposite,the attack of IE browser browser below Windows 7 operating system succeeds, so same attack measure is extremely possible to the IE that the operating system issues Vista or XP likewise effective. To increase match difficulty, the player that enters hacker race forbids to use the tripartite plug-in unit such as Adobe Flash. These tripartite plug-in unit are the safe weak sports in the operating system all the time, the hacker carries charge extremely easily these tripartite plug-in unit atttack an operating system successfully. So TippingPoint company taboo these tripartite plug-in unit, in order to increase match difficulty. Additional, the player that atttacks mobile phone of brand of 4 big main trends to can succeeding rewards 60 thousand dollar. Mobile phone of brand of this 4 big main trends is: Bold 9700 of the IPhone of malic company, blackberry, Nuojiya / the Motolora mobile phone of operating system of S60 of class of a place of strategic importance, moving Android (have not determine which kind of type) . Average every attack is successful a mobile phone rewards 15 thousand dollar. In the match process that atttacking to network browser and mobile phone, if the hacker is OK attack is successful, the person that will be returned to succeed by the product of attack so is all (for example, atttack the player of malic IPhone successfully, the award that will win this apple IPhone) . Although TippingPoint company needs to be,this hacker contest offers rich and generous bonus cost, but its atttack plan itself can yet be regarded as 0 days a kind of good market sale step. Carry hacker game, tippingPoint company can find the thin weak sports that mainstream network browser reachs mobile phone device nowadays, make firm researcher OK increase to invade in these products further detect engine, tippingPoint company can inbreak what research and development goes out detect engine undertakes selling to the client. Project of 0 days of attack since since was being held 2005, wide the criticism that accepts competitor and expert of a few computer. They think, tippingPoint company this action is equal to buy a hacker to atttack its to make a product at making public bade. TippingPoint company points out, all attack method that discovers in Pwn2Own hacker contest, of TippingPoint company metropolis free tell the company that be belonged to by the place of attack product, add these attack shifts in TippingPoint company database. Pwn2Own hacker contest by TippingPoint and Aaron Portnoy two companies are held jointly. These two companies point out, to the hacker, the attack of mobile phone product is relatively a few easier, the IE browser attack that issues in operating system of the Windows 7 in the browser at the same time is relatively easy. And the ought to be cereal song company Chrome browser of the most difficult in browser product attack. Aaron Portnoy claims: "Through holding Pwn2Own hacker contest, we are OK the very clear safety performance that is informed products of these mainstream brand manufacturer after all how. "

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