"iPhone Girl" photos and information

Recently, an "iPhone Girl" popular in the network. She used to play the iPhone, and sang songs, and the pure genius of the art User highly sought after, pleasant images. After netizens "human flesh search", to confirm the woman named Kim Yeo-hui, was a singer volunteer health. Insider broke the news, iPhone and women are likely to be a brilliant pure speculation.

"iPhone Girl" personal data

Kim Yeo-hui was a volunteer singer born in June last year, she starred in cable channel Mnet's reality show "Mnet sex scandal." In the program, she and the combination of FT Island members of the Li Hongji to play a pair of lovers. In addition, she also starred in the channel's talent show "Super StarK". With the "iPhone Girl" true identity came to light, netizens have expressed the hope that 'iPhone Girl' is not planning a video production company deliberately.

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