Verizon apple for r&d of new iPhone(iPhone 4G)?

First of all, the rumors will directly improve the stock of both companies to bring direct power. "Wall Street Journal" reported this news, the Apple and Verizon's stock price immediately rose, while RIM, Palm, and AT & T's stock price fell.

Secondly, look at Apple's competitors now, Google Android-based smartphone operating system are being gradually eroded the original iPhone, the market share. Another electronic EVO4G HTC phones, Samsung cell phone Galaxy S is ready to join the smart phone market share battle. This rumor can quickly increase the release of attention from consumers iPhone. Consumers may think that, as Apple plans to launch this summer new iPhone, perhaps I can buy smart phone plans delayed until summer, on the new iPhone and other smart phones on the market to make more after a final purchase decision. In this way, Apple can indirectly against competitors, mobile phone sales.

Finally, I must declare that I am not here to put forward any conspiracy theories. Just as we are much more objective understanding of "Apple to develop a new Verizon iPhone" only the authenticity of the news. Time can prove the authenticity of the message, we can wait and see. I made the comment today, only their own ideas only.

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