Apple on June 22 to promote the new iPhone HD

Apple's first tablet products iPad officially on sale this week soon, but still experienced the world over for Apple fans, and perhaps a new generation of iPhone 2010, is the legendary iPhone 4G is the most we look forward to. Just as every previous generation of new iPhone as officially listed in the product before the outside world is often unpredictable details of the new generation iPhone.

4th generation Apple iPhone rumors or naming iPhone HD resurgence

However, "The Wall Street Journal" recently discovered or indirectly, some "iPhone 2010" interesting speculation, I believe this is insane most of the faithful are most interested in news. Alleged senior "Apple through" John Gruber on the "Wall Street Journal" iPhone rumors were reported to respond to, and repeatedly reaffirmed the Verizon version of Apple iPhone and iPhone 2010 may have the possibility of some functions.

Specifically, the alleged iPhone 2010 (that is, iPhone 4G) will support up to 960 × 640 resolution and is equipped with a powerful processor like iPad Flat A4, also in addition to the back of the camera will be equipped with front than the first iPhone 2010 two cameras, and finally a new generation of iPhone OS 4 will also support third-party multi-tasking operating mode. Another is as powerful 960 × 640 resolution, next-generation iPhone will reportedly be named iPhone HD.

According to another report, iPhone HD is expected to join with the iPhone OS 4 systems, on June 22 officially released on Tuesday.

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