Apple iPad release, whether Google will also release tablet PC ?

Judging from the current point of view, Apple iPad can not be released to the company to bring the achievements of the previous products. Google likely will launch its own Tablet PC.

Many people believe that Apple could ignite iPad tablet PC market, just as they did in the MP3 market and smart phones on the market to do so.

iPad has not much secret about it as if it were a large general of the iPod Touch. The remaining competitors in work is not complicated, they need to do is copy, and even more remarkable is designed to go beyond Apple's products.

In this regard, the best example is Google's Nexus One phone. IPhone, it has all the features, and display is superior to the latter. If the iPad able to open the Tablet PC market, then the follow-up products will follow suit over the region. However, the market is still Should the dead, then everyone except Apple's outside, all will be sidelined.

What is certain is that in iPad released a year later, the market would have emerged a large number of tablet PCs. Google may launch its own Tablet PC.

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