Apple will release iPhone 4G (iPhone HD) On June 7 at the WWDC

Apple announced on April 30,This year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) date was set for June 7.

This third-party developer community by organizing the annual General Assembly will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, held from June 7 to 11. Focus of this year's meeting is early April listed iPad production applications, and other seminars will focus on the new version of iPhone OS 4 and Mac OS X.

This year’s WWDC will start one day earlier than last year. It will be held from Monday 7 to Friday, June 11 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Steve Jobs, who was absent the past year, launching the event with the traditional keynote opening. But the tech experts are expecting to discover the iPhone 4G there.

Opera Mini for iPhone for the first time update

Opera for the first time recently updated the iPhone version of Opera Mini browser-related functions and operations on a large number of optimization.

Opera Mini for iPhone this update includes the following three aspects:

* Increased the Hungarian

* The default language to "Arabic" to "English"

* Fixed a small bug

Opera Mini for iPhone Apple's app store, after landing, the first day alone more than 1 million downloads, and account for 22 countries, free software application stores topped the list of top ten! The amazing performance entirely from the Opera outstanding performance. Benefit from the server compression technology, up to 90% of the compression ratio makes Opera Mini iPhone comes with Safari than six times faster, which means that iPhone users can not only faster loading pages can also save a lot of phone access fees .

China has launched Shanzhai iPhone 4G (iPhone HD)

iPhone 4G is expected in June will be released, but even then one step ahead shanzhai manufacturers, launched shanzhai iPhone HD, do not know if this is Steve Jobs saw this, it would be very surprised.

This shanzhai iPhone 4G is still consistent with the iPhone candy bar design. Continuation of the iPhone is basically the shape of features. But it seems a bit thick, surprising is that only cell phones may be to improve the user experience, but also sent a support free stylus.

See next iPhone 4G shanzhai the back, although this is only Apple LOGO, but what you find is not? Please note that red circle marked areas.

This shanzhai iPhone HD, actually feel good, iPhone 4G the UI, both the characteristics of WM, but also the characteristics of Android, but also the essence of iPhone.

Cikuan shanzhai iPhone four generations, there are other features such as front camera, such as to replace the battery.

Support the iPhone remote access clients: DesktopDirect iPhone Client

Array Networks has released the first iPhone, supports remote access to enterprise applications, desktop new module - DesktopDirect iPhone Client.

Through the application, provides secure access to staff the office desktop applications for new ways to significantly improve efficiency, greatly enhance the productivity of enterprises. Employees through the iPhone, remote access to Windows applications in the office, feel and function exactly the same sitting in front of the computer experience, and even the application itself can not be installed on the iPhone.

In addition, the module also provides powerful encryption technology to prevent the leakage of critical data, even if the iPhone mobile phone is lost or stolen, it can do on the protection of critical information, sure. In addition, users can easily launch applications, browse a URL link, after the adoption of authentication, you can start working.

LG Innotek: fourth-generation iPhone (iPhone 4G) 5 million pixel camera

Fourth-generation iPhone(iPhone 4G/iPhone HD) will be equipped with 5 million pixel camera, camera by the LG Innotek OEM.

LG Innotek started making this month the fourth generation of iPhone, camera, will begin volume production later this year.

iPhone 3GS currently 320 million pixel camera.

Apple will be June 7 -6 held on 11 Worldwide Developers Conference, industry speculation that Apple will show the fourth-generation iPhone(iPhone 4G/iPhone HD).

Apple may announce in advance iPhone 4G(iPhone HD)

U.S. investment firm Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster writes in a message he believes as technology blog Gizmodo recently announced 4G mobile phone prototype next-generation iPhone disassembled content information, Apple launched iPhone 4G(iPhone HD) may be put forward. With

When more people are now looking forward to this phone, which affected the sales of the existing iPhone. However, Gene Munster did not say specifically how much time in advance. According to reports, Apple will be in June at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, and launched two 3G mobile phones and 3GS.

In fact, the latest rumors, in the June 22, Apple will open its latest handset the mystery, however, has not been an official Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on the specific date, not to mention the new Apple cell phone The release date was.

Looking forward to iPhone 4G (iPhone HD)!

Wi-Fi Sync: wireless sync your iPhone/iphone 4G(HD)/iPod Touch iTunes

One can make iPhone(iPhone 4G/iPhone 4GHD) and iPod Touch through the iTunes Wi-Fi and wireless synchronization software, if Apple's policy does not oppose this application is expected to soon embark on App Store shelves.

It is called "Wi-Fi Sync", with Mac OS X and Windows systems to exchange data, only one match can make the computer and mobile device synchronization, developers one iPod to display this feature. The following is the video:

China is selling Apple shanzhai iPad

Starting from the Apple Tablet PC in the U.S. market with only three weeks iPad, the Chinese market area online stores and electronics stores have already begun to sell iPad cottage.

The U.S. market in the region, the user needs too strong on the iPad the impact of Apple's worried too fast worldwide sale iPad International Edition, will affect the iPhone, and Apple laptops in the international market, the sales area. So Apple's recent decision to delay the iPad international version available time.

Japan has been the emergence of a Windows operating system to run and is equipped with three USB interface iPad cottage. This cottage is more like a big plus iPhone, sells for 2,800 yuan, more than genuine iPad ($ 499 - $ 699) much lower price.

iPhone 4G will replace the traditional electronic game four reasons

iPhone HD, iTouch, iPad range of products introduced, gradually changed the way people play video games to pursue high quality custom graphics and complex operations, the concept of simplifying the game, its tendency to subvert the traditional video game, because there are 4.

First: low amount of investment for the developer to provide a full range of design experience. App game development investment is far lower than the PC, Xbox360 and PlayStation3, but the development of space is much higher than they are.

Second: the game is cheap. App platform game for 9.99 U.S. dollars more expensive, usually games are 0.99-4.99 dollars, while a section of new PS3 games out sale price up to 59.99 U.S. dollars, although there are very strong high-definition picture, but only interested in the visual performance force will be sought after players, while the ordinary players only need the game entertaining to do.

Three reasons: easy to operate. Traditional joystick, you need players to spend days or even weeks of time to adapt, similar to iPhone(iPhone 4G) and Nintendo DS, the player likely to use, simple operation more difficult to break the boundaries of the game.

Four reasons: Players involved in interactive. Xbox360, PS3 though available online interaction, but the game is too intense, and Nintendo Wii and DS do not interact on the Internet system. This achievement iPhone to become the only casual games entertainment platform.

China ready for the iPhone 4G/HD Micro SIM card exposure

This Micro SIM card images from China, although from the pictures, we can not identify the Micro SIM card belongs to which operators, but at least re-ignited the Micro SIM card in the country there's hope.

The recent exposure of a new generation of technology blog Gizmodo iPhone's prototype, the related information display current and next-generation iPhone will use rare Micro SIM card, and this new SIM card will also be in the upcoming 3G + WiFi Edition iPad use.

While the SIM card replacement for the iPhone in terms of what is not, but it was meant for domestic users are likely to be missed with the next generation iPhone(iPhone 4G/HD), but currently no operators claim that we will in future use the new Micro SIM card.

Apple iPhone 4G or will use the new patent iTravel

Apple for the iPhone, and apply for a new patent, this patent, called iTravel group of iPhone users will help to solve all the travel problems, and if time permits, it is likely to appear in the upcoming fourth generation iPhone.

It is understood, iTravel application allows users to search directly in the phone, booking flights, and information sharing to any mobile phone contacts, and can receive messages through iGroups or push travel information. Phone can also be achieved in the road book hotels, taxis and other related functions.

Also worth mentioning is that, iTravel also be used with RFID, which means users can be stored in the iPhone boarding pass, cell phone, and then scan QR code or RFID chip to achieve a series of processes.

iPhone the most compact Power Pack by MiLi

Phone is not removable battery design has been a lot of people purchase the most trouble when one of the issues. Fortunately, however, there are numerous types of iPhone third-party peripheral options can alleviate this problem.

The MiLi will give you the freedom to use your iPhone without the daily worries of running out of battery life! Enjoy your iPhone for voice, music, video, games and business applications with extended, stable power. You can now experience up to two days or more of uninterrupted iPhone power, depending on your usage.

MiLi recently released this battery back shell can be regarded as a iPhone the most compact battery pack. It is not only compact, but also equipped with a 1200mAh lithium batteries, can provide up to 6 hours for the iPhone the extra talk time. It has 8 colors. However, the relative prices of nearly 480 yuan is also not cheap.

We know you only want products that compliment your iPhone’s appearance. So this battery pack has been designed to appeal to all of your senses. The MiLi is made of the highest quality materials and integrates the best in technology. With the PhoneSuit MiLi, you can have portable power, anywhere, anytime you need it.

Fourth-generation iPhone(iGhone 4G/HD) still can not replace the battery

Photo by

From the graph we can see that one reads "Authorized Service Providers Only" the note, which means that Apple will, as always, does not allow users to replace the battery, but the process only and has Apple authorized repair centers. As for other specifications of the message, not the answer.

Is this the Next-generation iPod Touch ?

the Next-generation iPod Touch: which was named 'DVT-1' and 'DVT-2', above, there are 'Apple Development Team' label, but also people excited, it's the system had not been locked out of Apple, with the view of it!

Google denied the iPhone platform for free navigation system launched

There have been rumors that Google will launch for the iPhone and other platforms free navigation service. However, Google spokesman said today, Google will launch navigation systems for other platforms, but which does not include iPhone platform. Just yesterday, Google launched the Android for U.S. mobile phone users (Android 1.6 version or above) Maps application version has now been updated UK maps, users can use the free navigation. But this does not explain Google intends to set foot in the field of iPhone navigation.

Google spokesman also said, "Google has never said the iPhone platform for free navigation system. And so far, iPhone system is also not in the list of our plans, our future plans to promote Google to navigate to other mobile platforms more at. "

This may be Google will make a lot of looking forward to free navigation of users disappointed, but Google still will continue to improve its iPhone map features.

iPhone OS 4 Test version of new features add Gmail archive

Now, Gmail users do not worry, Apple still love you. From the latest test version of iPhone OS 4, we found that, Apple added the Gmail archive (Archive) function, this function has been welcomed by Gmail users. It can save the message to the appropriate folder category to the next view.

In iPhone OS 4 using the Archive feature is very simple, with one click e-mail, delete messages with the same operation method. As the iPhone OS 4 Beta 2 screenshot function is not available, so we can only use the camera to shoot the screen, with pictures and facts for Gmail users a small happy.

Google plans to launch free navigation service for the iPhone

Google Maps Navigation is a free navigation services, the service has been on the GPS navigation industry poses a great threat. Most companies now rely on GPS navigation service for the sale of paid income, Google's free service will undoubtedly seize the market share of these enterprises.

Google Maps navigation is currently only released for Android phones, but in a London news conference, Google said the future for the iPhone and other platforms to promote the service.

Although Google has not disclosed a specific timetable, but the industry believes that, in accordance with the usual Google style, the recent news will be disclosed gradually.

UCWEB-iPhone-specific version for chinese

IPhone immersed himself in the expansion of the global market, China's UCWEB have not been idle. For the iPhone, they developed a special browser users. They are also China's first third-party applications to the iPhone's mobile software delivery service. The iPhone user feedback, according to China's view, the highlight of this browser is that it can access WAP sites, sites with rich navigation and powerful file download.

UCWEB-iPhone-specific version of the mail interface and PC interface is very similar, and quite comfortable and convenient for sending and receiving e-mail. Meanwhile UCWEB-iPhone-specific version can be added when sending e-mail attachment in any format, giving Muzhiyizu brought great convenience. The company claimed that the iPhone browser to use the mail function UCWEB can equally comparable to the famous Blackberry (Blackberry) mobile phone, however Xiaobian eyes, this software is far from the level of detail can not be compared with international giants.

UCWEB-iPhone-specific version can receive mail in Doc, Xls, PPT, PDF and other formats of the attachments, and can be read directly on the phone.

Inbox and accessories download interface

We can see, UCWEB-iPhone-specific version of the email functionality continues the tradition of UCWEB in the interface functions are no drastic changes.

Currently, China Mobile and Apple has been progress in the negotiations, I believe iPhone, will be officially landed near the Chinese market. Various well-known software companies abroad compete to provide third-party applications for the iPhone, the domestic ability to slice, we do not know.

Next-generation iPhone (iPhone 4G/HD), the battery is still not allowed to change

Apple lost the next-generation iPhone has a very high level of concern, major international IT-related Web sites have reported the news. And there is news that, despite a new generation of iPhone being locked, many internal functions not know and evaluation, but from the phone disassembled perspective, a new generation of iPhone's battery still can not be replaced, which makes a lot of Apple fans are a bit disappointed.

From the dismantling of the camera image can be seen above the nominal Authorized Service Providers Only, this shows a new generation of Apple iPhone still needs to authorized service center can be processed on the phone. As mobile phones are dismantled, more news on the new generation of iPhone hardware will be gradually released.

Apple iPhone 4G 13 things not yet known

Recently, Engadget have published a web site suspected of fourth-generation Apple iPhone smartphone leaked photos. And according to the present situation seems, in mid-June 2010, Apple is not going to announce fourth-generation iPhone a smart phone-related details.

Currently, Apple's fourth-generation iPhone smart phone named exactly what we also remains to be seen, however, speculated that Apple will be outside the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD name.

Here, the author sums up for everyone remains to be seen Apple smartphone 13 things, these answers have yet to be revealed for us Apple, as follows:

1, iPhone 4G/HD run how quickly, how many more iPhone 3GS upgrade?

2, iPhone 4G/HD how the battery life?

3, iPhone 4G/HD total number of memory options? Is rumors of 80GB \ 64GB \ 32GB?

4, iPhone 4G/HD pixel screen how?

5, iPhone 4G/HD it contains only a carrier AT & T?

6, iPhone 4G/HD whether it is a 4G network to provide services to users of smart phones?

7, iPhone 4G/HD front camera will be included in what software?

8, iPhone 4G/HD what will be included in the image improved? Such as digital zoom.

9, iPhone 4G/HD the number of pixels the camera?

10, iPhone 4G/HD performance than the iPhone 3GS it has improved? Is it worth the user to purchase?

11, Apple will release with the iPhone 4G/HD related services?

12, iPhone 4G/HD how much the price?

13, the name of Apple's fourth-generation mobile phone what?

iPhone sales in China reached 1.3 billion U.S. dollars

Yesterday, Apple released as of March 27 in the second quarter earnings, iPhone sales during the reporting period by continuing high growth, net profit increased 9 percent to 3.07 billion U.S. dollars, earnings per share of 1.79 U.S. dollars. Apple executives are disclosed in the conference call with analysts in China over the past 6 months increased revenue more than doubled, reaching 1.3 billion U.S. dollars.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said he was very satisfied with the results, said it would launch in the coming months for more new products. According to data released by China Unicom, since last October 30 the official sales iPhone, until December 10 to 40 days, Unicom iPhone sales were 100,000; in December 11 to 27 to 17 days, sales rise to 300,000, in 20 days, the average daily selling 10,000 iPhone.

On the same day, Apple also announced the official end of this month on sale in the U.S. 3G version of iPad.

Adobe no longer invest in iPhone development tools recommended Android

Adobe's Flash platform developer relations chief Mike Chambers, product manager, said Tuesday local time, will no longer invest to develop Flash applications will be ported to iPhone and iPad tool.

The news that Apple and Adobe Flash war between the latest in a round. Apple has stated several times, Flash performance is too low, can not be used in iPhone. Apple also revised the iPhone developer agreement to prohibit the use of third-party developer tools.

Mike Chambers blog published Tuesday said, "We will remain available to support iPhone and iPad's Flash CS5, but we are not the function of further investment." Developers can use Flash's ActionScript recompile the application of the preparation so that they can iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad run.

Mike Chambers said the developers should be ready, Apple could from its App Store in the mobile application store to delete the existing content created using Flash CS5. He said that currently, App Store has over 100 models is to use Adobe's tools for application development.

Mike Chambers said, "Flash's primary goal is cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device application development, it is against Apple, Apple hopes to develop a platform on which are bound to limit their options, to give them to other obstacles to development and application platform. "

Mike Chambers pointed out that developers should not be limited to Apple's platform, resources should be used for Google's Android platform, such as Motorola's Droid Android mobile phone or tablet PC, "iPhone is not the only mobile platform."

Mike Chambers said that Apple's closed system of the industry, developers and consumers adversely, "I think the open platform will win over closed platform."

The next generation iPhone will use A4-chip processor

Apple iPad flat on the processor used, the official would have wanted the low-key, but in the end Fengyun A4 feast stir-fried chips, or be about that. Now the fourth generation iPhone will soon emerge, and before Apple is likely to give up the use of the Samsung processor, and to the same solution with the iPad.

There are many reasons of which the new generation iPhone will support 720p HD video play back is one very good one, but sufficient enough reason to do this? Jobs If you are able to tolerate the ears are filled with people every day talk Qualcomm Snapdragon, TI Cortex A8, or the Samsung do these high frequency of the CPU? Obviously not, not to mention iPhone OS 4.0 already has such a strong platform of advantages, Apple is no reason not to further expand its sphere of influence, even if such hardware is microprocessor market.

iPhone 4G/HD 10 new features

Will release in two months will have the following new iPhone, some new features:

1, an increase of front video camera, video calling;

2, marked improvement in the back of the camera, not only than the current iPhone 3GS the camera to a large number of, and with a flash;

3, using the same version with the iPad 3G SIM Card Micro (Micro-SIM), to abandon the current standard SIM card;

4, screen resolution significantly improved, although still not sure whether the rumors of a 960 × 460 pixels, but at least the viewing area and display the results so than the iPhone 3GS significantly improved;

5, iPhone adds an additional top Mack, absorb noise, making available during the call clearer sound quality;

6, the volume buttons change the design with separate, independent two separate radio button;

7, the new machine's power, mute, volume buttons, and side of the border all the metal materials;

8, the internal battery than the iPhone 3GS increase of 16%, which means that the layout of other components more closely.

9, weight increase than in the past 3 g, body thickness becomes thinner

10, the back using Apple's proprietary technology, materials, not only have the shine, wear, scratch, etc, and perhaps more importantly, the ability to improve cell phone signal reception.

iPhone HD processor chip will use its self-made

iPad brought A4 processor efficient and impressive long-term, while the iPhone, the Samsung processor when to have change? Korea Times tells us, A4 processor will come to iPhone HD, which is the next generation iPhone.

A4 is a based on the ARM Cortex-A8 of the SoC program, it is similar to the iPhone 3GS processor, but the built-in graphics core and a PowerVR SGX53 higher clock speed, while on the iPhone OS to do a special optimized, so you can easily A4 Play 720p video, and bring longer battery life.

It is not clear the A4 iPhone and iPad the same processor will run at 1GHz, or will be used to reduce the frequency of treatment, after all, the use of different mobile phones and flat on the endurance capacity of more demanding.

Lenovo LePhone VS Apple iPhone HD/4G

It is reported that Lenovo LePhone with 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive screen resolution up to 800x480 pixels (WVGA-level), from the point of view the configuration screen, the display can definitely be called a top. The system, built Android1.6 version of the system, though versions of some low, but I believe the listing will be immediately upgraded to the latest 2.1 version. At the same time, it uses a 1GHz, Snapdragon processor and 512M ROM +512 M RAM memory combinations, running speed should be very smooth.

Lenovo LePhone also supports WiFi, WAPI, Bluetooth, GPS and other common functions, only 3 million pixel auto focus camera configuration is indeed a bit low. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the importation of using virtual methods, this association with LePhone also add a physical keyboard, the keyboard and screen are independent of each other, this is where Lenovo's unique innovation.

In addition, shops and Lenovo Lenovo application development community has also formally launched on April 19. App Store offers a wide range of applications for users to download, to satisfy the needs of diverse users; development community to provide a complete mature music Phone Software Development Kit (SDK), so that the majority developers to participate in the process of LePhone application development.

iPhly allows iPhone, four-channel remote control toy plane

This called iPhly software that allows you to connect the Apple iPhone in the standard DSM2 radio module, remote control toy plane or helicopter. We can see through the video, iPhone to connect to the DSM2 radio module, then run iPhly software. This software will allow iPhone and DSM2 modules for communication, thereby sensing the gravity iPhone to remote control planes purposes.

However, this is not the first time through the iPhone to remote control plane. Earlier this year, Parrot has released a new remote control aircraft equipment, called AR.Drone. But the need for WiFi support.

Engadget announcement iPhone HD/4G just is comes from China's shanzhai phone

April 17, 2010, has published an article "iPhone 4G: is this it?", But soon proved to be false!

Photos of the so-called iPhone HD is only the Japanese had a cottage iPhone PS treatment, in order to prove this assertion, insiders also a special release of the same real machine photos for comparison.

From the picture we can clearly see the machine is covered with the LOGO is not familiar with the Apple logo, while the aircraft is not only a removable lithium battery and the battery even faster to catch up with the length of the phone, and finally, the machine also comes with a 80GB memory, 64GB even than the legendary high, really fast to catch up with a small mobile hard drive it!

4th generation Apple iPhone will be opened in June WWDC (Apple Developer Conference) on the official release, so stay tuned!

New character:Camy (Street Fighter for iPhone)

Came from the Capcom company a video, said the iPhone version of "Street Fighter" will add a role Camy. Camy to the deadly cyclone with her legs joined in this Competition. The good news is that Capcom will provide the next update.

the new role that the player was quite good, but do not get too excited. Capcom just announced the launch of the next update of this role sounds need to wait for Apple's adoption.

Gaming Our friends over at Joystiq have uncovered some video of a brand new character coming to the Street Fighter for iPhone game from Capcom. Camy is going to bring her camouflaged legs to the fighting game, and she’s coming for free — Capcom is going to include the character in a soon-to-be-released update to the game. Obviously a free character is great and all, but this seems weird.

Video sharing software:Qik Video Camera Pro free download

Qik Video Camera Pro for free to this weekend, this a video sharing software. The software supports the following functions:

• After the video SMS or e-mail sent to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
• It is by far the smoothest video software
• The only a can synchronize audio and video software
• Management of video in website
• Large video sharing via e-mail
• photos placed in the video
• 10 real-time dynamic effects

free download:

Engadget: iPhone fourth-generation real machine Exposure

Exposure of the iPhone is still a prototype, probably will be different from the retail version. This mobile phone in a bar, from the outside iPhone 4G with a front camera, built-in 80GB storage space, but the body is marked "XXGB", is still not running the latest version of iPhone OS 4.0 operating system.

iPhone give into traditional telephone:Moshi Moshi 01 (MM01)

Designed by the French designer David Turpin.

MM01 iPhone is Apple's exclusive mobile phone peripherals, which uses the traditional fixed-line design, by Apple's iPhone, 3.5mm headset, Apple iPhone users can use as a fixed telephone, and feel 10 years ago or even more distant call experience. However, there is not enough users that MM01 fashion modeling, the proposed introduction of medieval-style version, hope that manufacturers could be considered under this proposal, or a good oh!

This MM01 was adopted the traditional telephone shape design, he can pass 350 mm headset with apple iPhone or other mobile phone connection, will become fixed-line telephone, the use of traditional.

This MM01 was adopted the traditional telephone shape design, he can pass 350 mm headset with apple iPhone or other mobile phone connection, will become fixed-line telephone, the use of traditional.

Philips SBD7000 Speaker for Apple iPhone

IPhone speaker from the field, almost all the traditional appearance of the main square, making the appearance of iPhone speaker gradually homogenization. Philips SBD7000 are some bright spots, unique cylinder-shaped appearance, but also added some curiosity.

Philips SBD7000 circular speaker design compared to the traditional square, placed in the bedroom or living room table is more three-dimensional surface of the coating significantly by the depth of light radiation transition very elegant art.

iPhone-specific rolling speaker dock - Philips SBD7000, let you enjoy the iPhone's music and movies. Just rotate the base can watch the video, the speaker will also switch to the best stereo effect. Cell phone signal shielding technology ensures clear, pure sound.

iPhone(Apple OS) won almost 70% of U.S. wireless network traffic

Millennial Media today released operating data, show that the major handset vendors in its advertising network flows findings, Apple iPhone 70% of the absolute superiority Zhanju First, RIM is 14% Android Suiran only 6%, but it is the fastest growing of a new army, growth rate of 72%, and the remaining share of the WM, webOS and other system partition, before Apple announced the iPhone's market share was 64%.

Verizon iPhone HD(4G) release date : June 27, 2010

iPhone HD version will use the iPhone 4.0 operating system, screen resolution will be reached before the rumors of 960 × 640 pixels. The camera, the machine will be the main use 5 million pixel camera, and set in front of the front can be used to video call camera. Moreover, in the memory area and there will be iPhone HD significantly increased.

The new iPhone 4G was said to be coming out somewhere around June/July 2010 and, according to a calendar (a leaked one) for the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau, the WWDC 2010 will take place between June 27 and July 2. Then it’s expected that we’ll see the official announcement of the upcoming new iPhone.

What do you think? Do you think Apple will compromise its iPhone 4G release date for April 2011 to ensure that they include this super fast 4G chip or do you think they have something in store that we just don’t know about and all will be revealed when the next generation phone is announced?

Now, we did discuss that the iPhone 4G could be released in sometime in mid 2010, and with this next photo showing a blurry cosmetic make up of the phone, we could in actual fact hear the release the iPhone 4G beckoning closer to the predicted release of summer 2010.

Apple is recruiting iPad camera technology team

There are new jobs Apple rumors, iPad's no front camera problem is expected to be resolved, a vacant position "Performance QA Engineer, iPad Media," has just been listed in Apple's Interactive Media Group's recruitment plan, the position will support the next generation iPad digital camera, which requires candidates with 3 or more years experience in the software quality assurance experience in computer science or related science degree.

Before the release of the iPad, there were photographs of iPad support the camera, but the products released after dismantling found that this is only an ambient light sensor, but the iPhone OS 3.2 and 4.0 of the SDK has been found in all video chat files, so that that Apple is exploring the camera issue.

GUCCI and iPhone

More than GUCCI, CHANEL and so on, including major brands have also launched their Apple iPhone program, and, in effect, are accompanied by visual media, in addition to information faster, to provide for iPhone users to optimize the video special effects are worthy of recognition.

GUCCI aimed at the iPhone which may focus on the details of fashion and taste of the user, the program contains the latest quarter products, including video and pictures, enjoy a very pleasant listen. In addition, the program was designed mix of links, users can freely mix GUCCI classical pattern, you can create a lot of songs.

Robert Watson, CEO SaskTel confirmed that four generations of Apple's iPhone this summer push

Canada a top mobile operator confirms Apple will release a 67 month iPhone, the fourth generation.

In the past, usually in June or July, Apple released new iPhone, according to the industry this year, the San Francisco Art Center reservation Fangcaodi arrangements, suggesting that Apple will release in June 22 the fourth generation iPhone. The outside world is also speculation that Apple will introduce support for CDMA mobile phone network.

Recently, the Canadian mobile operator SaskTel CEO Robert Watson of some position, and further confirmed the news. Watson said: "The good news is that Apple will release a new version 6,7 on iPhone, they will view us as partners, we are very excited." However, Watson did not talk about the characteristics of new iPhone function.

Canada now has multiple operators in distribution iPhone, including Bell, Telus, etc..

Opera Mini for iPhone approved, over 1 Million Downloads the first day

Norwegian software company Opera Thursday said the company developed for the Apple iPhone launch Opera web browser downloads the first day of more than 100 million times.

Opera mini is a free mobile web browser that supports Web, Wap and other web standards, it was claimed that Opera Mini Opera download speeds faster than 6 times the Apple browser, support for most mobile platforms such as Android, BlackBerry OS and the Palm OS also with iPhone, etc..

IPhone launch in 3 years, Opera mini has finally entered the App Store, the official added to our download available to users, and shelves on the first day firmly hold a free download list of the first.

April 13, after Apple agreed to distribution through long-term review for the iPhone, Opera Web browser, open the Apple iPhone have insisted that the browser software market. Industry that this new market with huge profit potential.

Opera said the company developed the iPhone web browser to download faster than Apple's own products, up to 6 times faster data flow to reduce up to 90%.

Next-generation iPhone Configuration 8 million pixel camera

At present the strongest version of the iPhone 3GS, only equipped with a 3.2 million pixel camera, but in June this year, released the fourth generation iPhone will be upgraded to 500 million pixels.

But even if 500 million pixels, it can not meet the needs of iPhone lovers, better, and then the next generation of iPhone will be launched in 2011, when the time there may be a huge change.

OmniVision iPhone camera production, configuration parameters though not clear, but the camera specifications will be upgraded again to 800 million pixels. Moreover, suppliers will switch from OmniVision Sony, Sony has already received orders. Not that far, let us together look forward to two months after the Apple conference it!

Fourth-generation iPhone (iPhone 4G/HD) in erba Buena Center for the Arts released on June 22

of the venue, it is possible to organize this year's WWDC Conference. As the Apple in the past has organized many conferences of this site, including the iPhone 3GS's debut.

As far as rumored specs are concerned: we’re hoping to see a larger, higher-resolution display (940×640), upgraded camera with LED flash, video calling, RFID integration, a front-facing camera, and possibly an Apple A4 processor (the same processor powering the iPad) under the hood.

In fact, the Apple iPhone in the summer of each year for replacement has been well known, so in addition to the specific release date, the fourth-generation iPhone will come out in June this year, in fact things are not much suspense. The current rumors about this new generation of iPhone will be mainly concentrated in what kind of changes in functional, as its model name exactly what is iPhone 4G or iPhone HD will not seem so important.

Current AT & T selling iPhone, and rumors will sign the Verizon CDMA version of the iPhone is the first and the second largest U.S. operator, if Apple released two versions of the iPhone, then undoubtedly improve the sales performance of the new generation iPhone has played a great upgrade role.

The next generation iPhone will be released on June 22

According to the schedule open plan, Apple has booked in the Yerba Buena Arts Center venue to hold this year's WWDC, because iPhone 4.0 OS's just been released at WWDC Apple will most likely announce the new iPhone hardware.

But Apple is still very strict confidentiality, in addition to the case before the leaked images, we have the past few months have not been any news of the new iPhone. According to rumors, the new iPhone will be the fourth generation with LED flash and front camera and resolution, and hardware configuration will have a great upgrade.

Sony offers 5 generation iPhone will reach 8 million pixel camera

Although the distance of the fourth generation of Apple's iPhone, released some time, but in accordance with the terms of thinking ahead of Apple, has launched its fifth generation of iPhone in 2011 plans.

Apple has selected a fifth-generation iPhone camera module suppliers, the suppliers to Sony, for the fifth-generation iPhone will offer 800 million pixel camera.

Analysts believe that by 2011, both AT & T and Verizon are the two carriers will have LTE 4G network technology, so they want the fifth-generation iPhone will support 4G of networking. Therefore, analysts believe that the fifth-generation iPhone will not only use 8 million pixel camera, will also support the 4G network features.

Now that fourth-generation iPhone, the camera module provider OmniVision, iPhone will offer five million pixel camera, and this fourth-generation iPhone could be named iPhone HD, it will be released this summer. In addition to the operating system version 4.0 brings iPhone will also be innovative in other areas. Anyway, Apple is time to bring some new things to the user, rather than simply the software and hardware improvements.

Verizon iPhone 4.0(or 4G/HD/CDMA) release date:June 22, 2010

Rumors are flying,All the iphone lovers are waiting for an official release date of the Verizon iPhone. It should be analyzed according to rumors, the iPhone 4G(or iPhone HD) arriving at Verizon this coming fall, and more specifically, June 22, 2010.

One person from Apple employees to disclose said Pegatron is scheduled to start mass producing the CDMA iPhones in June, but it was unclear when Apple might make the model available.

The official release date is Summer - Year to be announced!

iPhone 4G most anticipated new features

-- Better Camera
-- Removable Battery
-- OLED Screen
-- Different Casing

Second-generation iPhone(IPhone 4G) concept design exposure (New)

This new iPhone mobile phone concept, the most dominated by a white tone

Cell phone full keyboard to the left in particular placed a Apple iPod's scroll wheel, iPod and iPhone will be a good combination of both, in the multimedia and gaming entertainment functions will have a very good performance.

In the fuselage behind the phone also ships with a camera, and one more cool apple LOGO.

Steve Jobs confirmed Phone OS 4.0 no longer support the generation iPhone

Apple CEO Steve Jobs in an e-mail reply to users, said Apple's next generation iPhone will no longer provide support.

After news that a Steve Jobs of Apple users to write an email asking Apple to consider the future generation iPhone continue to provide support to Steve Jobs recently said a brief e-mail responses:

"Sorry, no.

This message is sent self-iPhone "

This also means that Apple will no longer support the generation iPhone. Insiders said that as technology continues to develop, the old products are phased out, this is reasonable. Apple held in the previous conference, Apple said the iPhone OS 4.0 only with the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch is not fully compatible with earlier versions, does not accurately indicate whether to continue to support generation iPhone. Jobs himself is now confirmed that the latest generation of iPhone will not run the iPhone 4.0 system.

Opt: Silicone Armor for iPhone

Opt from Germany has just launched an exclusive and elegant products of life science and technology co-developed the Silicone Armor for iPhone is the world's first built-in 'i-Pure' of the sport silicone sleeve.

And the market generally thin and break the silicone sets of different, Opt to use a high degree of toughness of the original silica surrounding the iPhone and the corner section provides up to 3mm thick, tough protection Reinforced with special stainless steel frame, to a solid Protect your iPhone, even if the phone unfortunately does not fall to be seriously hurt.

About the fourth-generation iPhone (iPhone 4G) release date rumors

With iPhone OS 4.0 official release, iPhone 4G finally opened its veil half sheets. One concern is the next generation iPhone will support multi-tasking, and joined the fun and engaging and the iBooks eBook. (OS 4.0 introduces new features click here)

Of course, in addition to upgrading its operating platform, iPhone 4G in shape and also change the hardware configuration, the present master of the situation, the aircraft will use a longer straight body shape, screen size and resolution are the upgrade (hearsay 3.7 inches). In the photo, the machine also will be built 5 million pixel camera, LED flash and support for the newly added video calling capabilities vice camera.

Currently, iPhone 4G has entered the countdown to the final stage of release, according to past experience some rumors about the machine (screen, camera) is basically true, be pointed out is due to iPhone OS 4.0 for the time being does not support the iPhone generation, two generation, so those who already purchased iPhone or iPhone 3G users, buying the fourth-generation iPhone should be the best choice for replacement

Turtl/Pure verizon Release Date:Microsoft will release next week Turtl / Pure Smartphones,VS iPhone 4G and Nexus 0ne

Microsoft will next week release its own brand smartphones.

Development of smart phones on the Microsoft rumor a long time, in September last year, news that Microsoft is developing two new smart phones, namely "Turtl" and "Pure", were designed with slide, built-in full-function keyboard.

This year in March, Microsoft Smartphone third-party marketing data is leaked to the Internet, the document describes a detailed marketing plan which carrier partners Verizon.

Recent news that Microsoft will release next week its own brand smartphones. IPhone and Blackberry phones with different target users of Microsoft's smart phone is a stylish young people, they have multiple instant messaging accounts, regular e-mail, play games, listen to music, access to Facebook and other social networking sites.

In addition, the phone will not use Microsoft's latest WindowsPhone7 operating system, the price will be far below the iPhone and Google NexusOne.

Verizon iPhone announce(not rumors):Apple iPhone 4G Release Date in Q2 2010

About iphone 4G price, not rumors.But for the Release Date, has basically been confirmed

Sometime summer 2010 – but there’s more.

People truly believe it's as simple as making a CDMA version. It's not. The thing is, CDMA(the technology Verizon uses is outdated). It's very inexpensive, but very poor quality.

I am not sure as to who started this wild speculation about the launch of CDMA iphone.

If rumours are to be believed, then the launch of the Verizon iPhone may slash down the price of the device, for the consumers in US.

Named on the iPhone 4G is a mystery, here called 4G is not accurate, in the absence of an official name before, in fact, called the iPhone the most accurate four generations. iPhone Pro, iPhone HD, iPhone APPS, etc. These names, which are reflected in the next generation of Apple iPhone users expect.

iPhone OS 4.0 implied 4th generation iPhone will support video conferencing(conference.framework)

In the beta version of iPhone OS 4, developers have found more evidence suggesting the future of OS with video conferencing capabilities. This view of iPhone applications in the business does have a lot in the 4th generation of improvements, it seems RIM and other mobile phones for business use will receive more threats.

4th generation iPhone(iPhone 4G) will support video conferencing

In the folder conference.framework years, found a group of "video chat request" in tone, voice and Mac OS X's iChat software in the same tone.

iPhone 4G rumors: iphone 4G increase the antenna to watch TV directly

iPhone OS 4.0 has been released, now we have determine the iPhone 4G includes the following features:

3.unified inbox
6.Game Center

According to insiders said, iphone 4th generation will have some cool features, such as direct watch TV, do not need to SPB TV for iPhone!(Maybe just a iPhone 4G rumors)

It is worth mentioning that SPB Software Development Application has now been adopted by a TV operator StarHub in Singapore's mobile market in different channel series about a week or so above the city, this application has been listed as "Free Application" category to download the largest application. SPB Software believe that this achievement reflects the SPB TV for iPhone has a really bright future.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 block Adobe technology

Adobe's Lee Brimelow angrily platform in the iPhone 4.0 SDK Apple For the prohibition of cross-platform tools for decision. He believes that Apple would have no practical significance, and implicated a number of innocent developers.

He added. Flash-iPhone conversion applications mind just to help those who need to write applications for multiple platform developers, compared to, Adobe plug-ins in their own applications and other development tools on open the door completely.

Brimelow said: "We just wanted to innovative industry to provide a channel through which their work can log on more platforms as possible, we are not who or who want to exterminate the product."

Brimelow said that Adobe is still closely watching the situation, observe the next step. Apple has said will be his own until the other side "coaching change." Finally, he let it be directly on the Apple: "go to hell."

iPhone Verizon News:Verizon Wireless will not be sold iPhone 4G this year(2010)

Verizon Wireless is estimated that this year will not be sold iPhone, but it is likely to wait for high-speed network, currently under construction, after completion of the Optional officially started selling the iPhone.

Just last week, there are media reports that Apple is developing a mobile phone based on CDMA technology, products, and the product is the use of the technology Verizon Wireless. Some analysts said investors were now on the expectations for Verizon iPhone too early to estimate too high.

When Apple introduced using the Verizon network, iPhone? Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg has said that when the sale of Verizon iPhone is Apple completely.

Continue to create miracles in iPhone sales for Verizon undoubtedly important, Verizon can rely on iPhone's influence in maintaining the existing customer groups based on the number of attracting more new users.

Verizon iPhone Verizon depends on whether the launch of this year and the business relationship between Apple the development of good and bad. Verizon iPhone not been asked Apple to use a technology used in most countries, but this is not Apple's style has always been before.

Verizon said it has already begun this year to upgrade its mobile network for the 4G LTE network, while Apple said the 2010 version of the iPhone will be possible to use Verizon's 3GCDMA network to meet the nationwide demand.

Verizon iphone release date and iPhone Verizon News:Apple is testing iPhone 4G with Verizon

iPhone Verizon Release News: Apple is on Verizon, to develop based on LTE for 4G iPhone, and this test has been going on for months.

Rumors Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam has several times visited the Apple Corporation, has begun to summarize the current Verzion 4G infrastructure and plans to the public, 4G 3G faster than the current 10 times faster and has more powerful and higher security.

iPhone 4G may use multi-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, the processor speed limit are more likely to break 2GHz! The processor also needs to comply with verizon

Apple has already produced iPhone 4G contact verizon screen, iPhone will be four generations in one stroke with four-inch AMOLED 1280 × 720 touch screen?

iPhone 4G verzion: support video chat service (iphone verizon 2010)

Industry sources say that Apple just released a preview version of iPhone OS 4.0 has been found in iChat instant messaging software, part of the code.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 is not necessary to integrate iChat, iPhone platform has a very good variety of instant messaging software, part of which is the most popular App Store application. It is said that Apple's next-generation iPhone will configure the camera body front, it could not help but reminiscent of next-generation iPhone will offer video chat.

Apple released the SDK, the new analysis found that Apple is mentioned several times in the SDK video chat. The analysis also shows that Apple is 4 server test video chat services, of which 3 units within the Apple Online, 1 external open.

Insiders pointed out that Apple may not be ported to iPhone, iChat, and third-party applications to compete in the video chat service may use iChat part of the kernel code.

Apple iPhone 4G Release Date:Verzion iPhone 4G News

Industry generally believe that Apple is clearly in the further control the iPhone software development, software sales commission fees is one of Apple's revenue sources, Apple, Adobe and other companies do not want to insert.

The Verizon iPhone has been somewhat elusive and despite the iPhone 4.o OS coming out this summer, there’s still no word as to whether or not an Apple iPhone will be available on the Verizon network anytime soon.

iPhone OS 4.0 desktop wallpaper now support replace function, but in the past the desktop icons and text on the desktop black projection was changed to a more beautiful and soft shadows. In the iPad, when you flip the course of these shadows will move with the text and icons.

On the contrary, Verizon’s CEO Ivan Seidenberg states that he would like for the iPhone to come to the network, and that the ball is in Apple’s court so to speak. This indicates that there are either no immediate plans for an iPhone or that he’s just bluffing. We think the former is more correct.

Verizon latest news:IPhone 4G Verizon VS Nexus One Verizon VS HTC EVO 4G Verizon

IPhone 4G Verizon: iPhone 4G on the naming, there have been iPhone Pro, iPhone HD, iPhone S, etc., multi-task, high-resolution in support of front camera, enhanced voice text conversion, these are the features we look forward to

Nexus One Verizon: Nexus One built-in 500-megapixel camera, auto focus not only support but also with LED flash, 2 x digital zoom, photo geotagging and other auxiliary functions.

HTC EVO 4G Verizon: HTC EVO 4G network, Sprint 4G is the first custom model, support rates of up to 150Mbps of WiMAX network connection, is also the world's first 4G technology to support Android system, phone, high-speed network support, and powerful hardware configuration.

iPad support the introduction of multi-tasking operating system is expected to fall

If you just bought a iPad, hope you can enjoy multi-task operation, using a Bluetooth keyboard, the program folder, Game Center, iAd functions of words.

Do not worry, iPad support all the features of iPhone OS 4.0, but not with the IPhone 3GS iPad and iPod Touch 3G, like in the summer update, iPad version of the update will be released in the fall.

If you want to hurry up to enjoy a public function, there is only iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G these two options, because other versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch does not fully support the iPhone OS 4.0.

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