iPhone 4G: 960x640+CDMA+2 camera

Apple may launch this summer, two versions of the new iPhone. Where a is an upgrade version of the current iPhone 3GS, while the other was a CDMA version, and will be tailored to the U.S. operator Verizon.

Next-generation iPhone front fuselage configuration the second camera, the new iPhone will have front camera and video calling features, and also brings iPhone 4.0 multi-tasking attributes, most importantly, there has been no change in the iPhone screen, finally ushered in a major upgrade: 960x640 resolution

Apple iPhone processor used in A4 is not surprising, Apple a few years ago, licensed the ARM architecture, the market there are rumors that Apple will use PA Semi mobile devices designed processor. Apple in 2008 spent 278 million U.S. dollars acquisition of PA Semi.

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