iPhone OS mail client will be improved

I believe many of my friends usually have more than the use of a mailbox, at least have to have both - a company mailbox, a private e-mail. If you use Outlook to receive mail, you will find that even N a E-mail accounts configured, all messages received only one user interface, the overall situation within a preview. However, not every application environment can do this, iPhone e-mail customer service side is an example.

If you iPhone mail client configured with customer service two or more accounts, you have to individually choose a different account to read e-mail. Maybe you do not think that there was anything wrong with that, but once the need to add too much e-mail account, then trouble is bound to exist. Recently, Apple's internal e-mail to a Steve Jobs revealed that the next iPhone OS to make some improvements, the introduction of a mechanism similar to the Outlook e-mail here, so many different accounts of the messages in a user interface can all access. In the industry have speculated that this improvement occurs in the iPhone OS 4.0 probability is relatively large.

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