iPhone 4G: Screen smaller fuselage thinner!

"In all the world now give attention, and recently, a media also further revealed more detail than iPhone 3G and 3GS:" will give, in the fuselage and screen, and may also shrunk only iPhone 3G thickness 3GS and two-thirds of even half thick.

Despite the apple confidentiality measures do better, but in new product before, often can have DieZhao etc. This news, combined with the news, the whole or a certain credibility. Because of the DieZhao, from before the fuselage 4G iPhone are short. According to foreign media reports, the screen and narrow 4G iPhone fuselage, because I didn't want to iPad formation of 10 inches and competition.

The new generation of iPhone will also be on the phone, but the specific design and configuration of camera pixels. In addition, the card slot on the far right of the screen, the design is not the past has been used to screen above. SIM card will be adopted at the same with apple iPad mini SIM card.

The latest exposure, screen and 4G iPhone fuselage. Indeed

Of course, the iPhone generations before the rumours are considerable. For example, the iPhone generations will use 500 megapixel camera, using the processor, the battery can have change, can be both touch, support multitasking etc. Function. Of course, as to how realistic, yet unknown.

About the time, fourteen iPhone issued by the company executives said south Korean kt-series is next iPhone will than usual, released early April, enterprise users can get the shape, public offerings will be in June. And then combining institutions such as Goldman sachs, should rely on June a spectrum of time.

Comment on: apple's new products always lets a person with expectations, but before the release of the rumors, also hard to discern;. Since iPad before launch, also have many similar rumors, but ultimately tally with the actual situation of the metagame but for now, so much speculation, we cannot too superstitious.

Actually many rumours are contradictory, such as by irrational, the better the performance (such as rumours will adopt high processor) fourteen, heat and battery request higher volume, also should increase accordingly. But of course, many companies that apple is the pink of the company, we are definied only see.

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