Digg for the iPhone 4G development of specialized applications

Digg Thursday released an official iPhone 3G application, hoping to provide users with fast simple user experience.

iPhone users can use Apple's store for free download of the product. With this application, users can browse all the Digg articles in each category, and directly through the application for news ratings. Not only that, the application can also display the comments of other users, search for Digg in the article, save articles for later reading, and even through Twitter and Facebook to share with your friends.

However, when compared with the Digg website, the application functionality is not perfect. For example, users can not apply directly for comment. Although very simple, but this application is currently not stable. Insiders said that the application appears in the testing process a number of crashes. However, considering that this is the first launch of the official Digg mobile applications, therefore, in time, is expected to be improved on the deficiencies.

Digg has recently also confirmed that Android phones will develop specialized applications.

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