The first iPad apple already delivery

Apple iPad will be held Saturday April 3 in Japan first in the U.S. markets. But today, quite a number of reservation users find that their order has been processed and shipped from the manufacturing plant started.

Based on past experience, even if U.S. users should also be ordered by iPad from China-based foundries direct shipment by UPS courier via air transport, shipping should be five days in advance in order to avoid the emergence of accident can not be delivered on time. However, users do not expect the advance booking to get iPad, because of Apple's iPhone and other products before starting off with the UPS, when there is a precedent for the coordination of the delivery time and transported to the United States deliberately delayed until after delivery before starting date.

6 this week, the first listing in the U.S. as a single WiFi network version of the iPad, providing 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of three models, priced 499,599,699 U.S. dollars respectively. WiFi +3 G version iPad until the end of April will go on sale in the United States.

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