A bottle of fetch of feeling " iron fist " be about to land IPhone platform

Early hear Namco is considering to roll out can touch the fistfight sport that dominate " iron fist " (Tekken) . Nowadays, we can confirm this information, iron fist tounament is about to pull open heavy curtain in IPhone and IPod Touch. Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, the development work of the Tekken of IPhone version has very great progress, and look pretty good. Say further, the development of the Tekken of IPhone edition has neared end, try play the effect pretty good. Do not know whether Namco begins to develop the Tekken of IPhone edition from the beginning, perhaps be development can be touched only accuse " iron fist 6 " . Whether cannot also have much player pattern certainly at present. Those who look at adversary Capcom to just announce to roll out IPhone edition " street bully 4 " , namco begins deploy IPhone of edition " iron fist " be advisability really lift. However, namco did not affirm or deny whether developing IPhone edition " iron fist " , but Tekken won't appear on the game developer plenary meeting that shows clearly already next week.

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