The questions and answers on the iPad

1. What iPad, is the introduction of Apple's flat-panel computer?

In accordance with Apple's positioning, iPad is the one between the middle between the computer and mobile phone products, you can not say he is a tablet computer, but the moment you want to spend 30 seconds to search for a movie, checking e-mail or Aspect book, do not want to wait for the computer boot time, they can not stand smart phone screen is too small to intermediate products.

2. Why do not you choose to buy other tablet PCs iPad?

Of course, you can choose other tablet PCs, especially Microsoft and HP in this year's masterpiece Slate. However, the operating system can be iPad standby state is always 1 second to return operating environment, which is impatient to wait for the modern world, the greatest advantages. 3.iPad expensive? Heard that Apple's products are not cheap
Apple iPad be the cheapest in the history of the "computer" products, even the iPhone than it is expensive, the price falls between 499 U.S. dollars to 699 U.S. dollars. About 17,000 yuan to 25,000 NT per month.

3.iPod iPhone iPad innocently, as it was?

iPod: listening to music is very happy, very painful to see videos and photos, the general public to use.
iPhone: what to do are very happy, but very expensive, heavy gamer use.
iPod Touch: for what are very happy, especially the games, not expensive, but not always on-line Internet access, do not call, gamers use.
iPad: and the iPod Touch similar to the price, but the extent of double happiness, the general public to use.

4. IPad heard that iWork for word processing can be used to replace small just right?

Wrong, iPad products are positioned in the player or the reader, rather than the editor, the iPad used to play or just a good instrument for easy editing, but the briefing brought to play the file or if the user makes endless suffering. Or buy a small amount of electricity compared obediently it.

5.iPad the most attractive places heavy users of technology, where?

Piece of 9.7-inch panel resolution of 1,024 x768 IPS technology, and Apple's own development of the A4 processor, in other words, ultra-fine panel, iPad run super-smooth power again.

6.iPad more power?

Official claimed that a month standby use is 10 hours. This data, whether against the small amount of electricity or any media player is an overwhelming victory. However, the Amazon Kindle e-book readers compared to severely lose the respect of a length (usually not a problem to use for a week). But for the general public, do not have to charge a day use is the best balance point of endurance.

7.iPad drawn the most heavy users of scientific and technological point of contention where?

iPad can only be a single work of industry, in other words, one can only run one software, users can not browse the web side edge of MSN. Another controversy is the biggest iPad not play Flash.

8.iPad border seems quite thick, contrary to Apple's design philosophy?

The design for the iPad thick border point, indeed contrary to the very simple modern design trends. But if the concept of ergonomic hair in mind, together with thick hand border only comfort, but also to avoid inadvertently information on the design panel.

9.iPad photographic lens do?

No. So we do not want to like the iPhone, while on the one hand taking pictures uploaded to the face of the book above, this is a mobile communications field, is not a reader.

10.iPad through 3G online?

iPad does have built-in 3G version, the price ranging from 629-829 U.S. dollars, but the special is, iPad of the sim card and the general phone sim card not the same. This means that, even though you are far away from the United States to buy a 3G version of the iPad, nor can Taiwan's sim card after another 3G Internet access, this part can only hope that the formal introduction of the domestic telecom operators.

Another consideration is that, if you already have a smart phone, but also organized a 3G you can eat the posture fee program, how can we pay in order to iPad again once the costs? Another cruel is that users can not be through the iPhone data sharing way to make iPad Internet. Player's solution is to make mobile phones become a wireless base station to share access to the iPad.

11.iPad in the end there are many kinds of applied?

First of all, users can directly use the APP Store above more than 140 thousand kinds of software, the light will have an unlimited imagination in this part. Then, download iBookStore the above books, as an e-book reader is quite not bad (but not Taiwan, which will almost certainly have a long time the Department will be open), e-book prices are 14.99 with the 7.99 U.S. dollars two kinds of pricing, there are also special link to the New York Times Book Review shortcuts.

12. IBookStore download through e-books, there is copyright protection mechanism?

Unfortunately, the answer is "yes." Apple will continue to use the ancient tradition of Apple's FairPlay DRM protection mechanism, and this is consistent with good books and good friends to share the traditional virtues.

13.iPad a USB interface connector do?

No, this result led to a number of general user trouble - that's how the photo / video / files does pass into the iPad? In fact, Apple's product design logic of this is the case, any data stored in the computer, then sync through a special software to iPad / iPhone / iPad above, as the core concept of the Earth and satellites like the moon. If you want more enjoyable iPad such products must first undergo psychological logic of good apples.

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