The apple iPad have strategic significance?

Is usual, Apple's design has many likable highlights. User interface looks great, very intuitive book, and Apple set the price of the product is suitable for positioning in the market. However, before Apple iPad heated speculation, tempt everyone's taste, so many people have to be disappointed - Dan Frommer in Silicon Alley Insider Web site author says, iPad is a boring "big yawn," it will not predicted by many experts to define the way the publishing industry.

Prior to this, iPod and iPhone series of products have been successful, extraordinary iPhone is in less than three years, developed into a multi-billion dollar business, we can think, iPad will not be 10 years The third revolutionary product to change the rules of the game?

It is difficult to conclude that Apple will fail. Apple I admire most are two things, first, it can be holistic thinking on business models (iPod + iTunes, iPhone + App Store, iPad + iBookstore); second, that it is willing to sustained innovation. Imagine if Apple developed the iPod first generation after the stalled, or has to rely on iPod to make money, can be very long to very long, so how our world is the difference! It actively develop and enter new areas of spiritual worth learning all the companies.

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