iPhone 4g vs Android? Jobs and Schmidt shared coffee

Jobs have been rebuked Google Android, and in recent months the media have been concerned about Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Apple's Steve Jobs contradictions, but recently they have one in California, Palo Alto Starbucks for coffee and was photographed. Why should I choose to discuss such a business could easily be found in public places? The media that they want to avoid the other two tight, hoping to find a venue of the talks a little easier, of course, Jobs is also one of the SL55 sports car and was shot ... ... plug-in.

It is noteworthy that this coffee shop is a former Google executive Charlie Ayers opened. Jobs of the two witnesses overheard dialogue, he said: They absolutely will always see them, so who cares how they get it? Looks like it is talking about the page content. Another one is: Let us find a more intimate place to discuss the matter further. In saying this, when Jobs had been aware of gathered around a lot of people know the truth (of which there are the eyewitness). Witnesses said that Jobs has always said that, while Schmidt is very quiet listening.

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