Hope to see the iPhone 4G join 25 big function

"Let a person to give, for some possible improvements, the following is a list of items for 25, from the" I "has been listed into"

the most important thing." Additionally, we also beside each item in the list apples really practical to join this function.

25. OLED screen, the possibility of 15%

In 3GS iPhone before release, apple has many people believe it will launch OLED screen. We don't think it is necessary to reason is very bright, but OLED though not under direct sunlight to read.

24. Biometric, the possibility of 20%

It is necessary to upgrade, but if the sliding scanning finger can replace input a password to unlock your phone, is pretty cool thing.

23. better built-in speakers timbre, the possibility of 40%

We do not expect apple can improve the built-in speakers too much, but we still hope to strengthen external audio ability.

22. better Google took support, the possibility of 25%

Apples and Google is no longer a partner, but we still hope to see better Google took support (of course, AT&T's opinion may be more than apples),

21. More memory, the possibility of 100%

Now seems very likely 4G iPhone in accordance with different capacity to pricing. If the past history, it has reference value 64GB iPhone tied after about 299 dollar, but should be 32GB should be $199.

Apple is $99 will continue to supply the iPhone also has 16GB or look again. In addition, the introduction of products are likely to Become the 3GS has 16GB or is.

20. Support memory card, the possibility of 0%

Not likely, but we still need to carry out.

19. The RFID, the possibility of 15%

Rumours that apple is considering to integrate into the RFID to give in. RFID is 2d barcodes replacement, also can let you pay the iPhone into a device or even is a car with the keys.

18. The reasonable expenses of the modem online, the possibilities of 10%

It all depends on whether AT&T, they don't intend to open iPhone as modems Internet functions. We hope this price is not more than 20 dollars per month. (note: the situation is different, all does not need additional payment, Taiwan telecom has support iPhone as modems online),

17. Support high-quality, 50% possibility

Now you can't use the iPhone 720p output 1080i or film, we expect an apple in the iPhone will provide high quality 4.0 OS output.

16. Support external keyboard.the possibility of 20%

IPad will have an external keyboard accessories. We also expect the same thing, but we can give support to the comparative method of bluetooth version is give.

15. a better program and file management function, possibility 75%

We have many pages on the iPhone program, hope can provide better classification apple or folder management, let us can classification management program. We hope will appear in the iPhone OS 4.0.

14. for bluetooth restrictions, 25% less

Currently, many restrictions on bluetooth apple can only do music transmission, we hope to be able to see it supports the keyboard or other devices.

13. Improve speech control, the possibility of 90%

We expect iPhone OS 4.0 apple in the iPhone will continue to boast televox function. If can use speech to send E-mail or a message that is very cool?

12. 802.11 n, the possibility of 95%

IPod Touch has support for the next generation, 802.11 n should also have to give in.

11. Can change battery, the possibility of 1%

Many people are looking forward to the future iPhone will replace the battery version, but this apple and design principle of the recent completely.

10. The 4G network compatibility, the possibility of 50%

You may want to if he decided to call apple under section for the iPhone, the iPhone 4G "should be able to support network. The only problem is that the company and AT&T 4G about the plan is said to reported (2011 would have 4G network), and Sprint and Verizon has been tested their 4G network. Whether this represents Sprint, or we will see the iPhone Verizon version of "?

9. in front of the camera phone (video support, the possibility of 75%)

We hope the iPhone improve apple camera (500 million pixels LED flash?)? But many people are expecting to join in front of the camera, let you can undertake video calls.

8. Support Flash, the possibility of 5%

Apple said Flash really power, but we do not oppose. But users should have the choice to switch power, if you don't care support Flash electricity, it is your choice, rather than apples.

7. More slender, smooth design, the possibility of 85%

Rumor is actually going to use cheaper apples cost to build next-generation iPhone. But still we expect to see a better design.

6. the 3D graphics better ability, the possibility of 95%

Apple's made a new company as a 3D graphics chips, PowerVR SGX545. We don't know if it will add to the next section, but has high give the possibility of iPhone will have a more powerful graphics chips.

5. faster processors, the possibility of 95%

As an apple, they also buy PA Semiconductor began to design and make oneself of the processor. There iPad A4 1GHz frequency and claims have impressive performances of power. We expect an apple in the iPhone will also provide similar 4G speed and performance.

4. a better life, the possibility of 80%

We hope that will give more light, generation more powerful, function more, but we also expect better performance of power. It would require too much? But every time when the iPhone, published apple new power will ascend, so why not?

3. multitasking capability,the possibility of 25%

The Palm Pre have great multitasking capability, and many people all want to have the same in the iPhone ability.

2. more telecommunication companies, the possibility of 20%

We know that if Verizon or other telecommunications operator finally have sold iPhone, some users will feel very comfortable, but nobody knows the apple and AT&T's exclusive contract. (note, Taiwan has three telecommunication companies in selling iPhone).

1. a telephone, the likelihood is less leakage, the possibility of 35%

It really doesn't need a caption, but let us hope to find out how to AT&T in a big improvement in the quality of call way.

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