Support the iPad, iTunes 9.1 new features

iPad tablet machine this week, six will be in the U.S. market, I believe Apple will be immersed in the intense week of preparation work. Today, Apple released a media player and advance management of the 9.1 version of iTunes software update. It can be said, iTunes 9.1 is starting special version of the iPad.

iTunes 9.1 adds several new features and a number of functional improvements, including:

- Synchronization with iPad to enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere, movies, TV shows, books, and more content.

- Organize and synchronize your download from iBooks to iPad on the books or to the iTunes library books.

- Rename, reorder or remove Genius Mix smart playlist track.

In addition, this update also contains seven security vulnerabilities. Recommended for all iTunes users to download.

iTunes 9.1 Download:

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