iSMEStorage:iPhone's "cloud" storage virtualization applications

SMEStorage announced the launch of an iPhone in the App Store software iSMEStorage. This software is the platform for the first iPhone that lets users access and manage a one-time 10 Storage "Cloud", which includes Amazon S3, RackSpace CloudFiles, Box, Apple Mobile Me, Microsoft SkyDrive, Microsoft Live Mesh, Gmail-as-a - cloud, Email-as-a-Cloud, FTP-as-a-Cloud, Google Docs, and WebDav enabled clouds.

According to SMEStorage's CEO, said: "This software has a lot of first. It is the first to virtualized storage Cloud, and display in one of the" cloud "the file system software; and it is the App Store where the first paragraph to Microsoft SkyDrive files directly access the software. "

If you like in a variety based on the "cloud" storage environments store your files, this software really is your best choice. With this software, you do not have to visit the various procedures, respectively, through the iSMEStorage port you can browse all of the storage file. The software is now in the App Store shelves priced at 0.99 dollars.

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