Apple is bound to provide the iPhone(iPhone 4G) service

According to the technological blogs Engadget reported this week that the industry LuoJi "version of" more than get give news of apple retail.

It is bound, service version of the iPhone (3GS) sells for $699 499/599 / respectively, configuration, 16GB and 32GB has.

But Engadget reporter discovery after investigation, some apple retail sales network operators will still based on the equipment, and AT&T bound in Europe is completely different patterns.

According to understand, apple early in a year ago to make similar sales plan, and once this pattern recognition, and then obtain the market next iPhone will use this phone 4G marketing methods.

Obviously, apple to further expand the iPhone to move the market competitiveness. At present, in the field of intelligent mobile phone market share for 18% iPhone, and blackberry, but still, there are some Google Android are followed.

In China, China unicom in part of new subscribers deposit, the bank credit guarantee three without fee beforehand the iPhone net. Buyers However, users need commitment in nets 24 months and choice and above $186 iPhone 3G packages or contract plan.

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