4G iPhone 3GSS Internet Exposure

Next-generation iPhone will be used before and after the camera design, support video calls and has a 5 million pixel camera specifications should not be much suspense, while increasing the capacity 64GB version and changes in the shell material is also on the new attraction. In addition, according to a new view shows that the machine will use the SIM card is also the same as Apple iPad Mini SIM card, for those who use both a new generation of iPhone and other mobile phone models of users, there may be change card trouble. And the aircraft's fuselage as a whole will be thinner, it is estimated that only iPhone3G or iPhone 3GS half to two-thirds of the thickness.

It is reported that this year, next-generation iPhone may be at 10:00 on June 9 released, while the public will have to wait until June 27 or July 11. The reason why the media release date is estimated at June 9 is due to Apple's usually held on this day Worldwide Developers' Conference (Worldwide Developers Conference), while before that Apple has introduced three generations of the Conference on iPhone.

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