iPad will be built-in 12 kinds of applications

Apple iPad will be held April 3 in the United States, has built-in 12 kinds of specific applications, but the listing does not include 3G version of iPad, 3G version of iPad will be available in more countries by the end of April.

iPad will be the first in the nation's all Apple stores and Best Buy sale. By the end of April, WiFi, and WiFi +3 G section iPad section iPad will also visit Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. International prices will be announced by the end of April. Later this year, iPad will be launched in more countries.

iPad will be built-in 12 specially designed for the iPad new innovative applications, iPad can run an application store, more than 150,000 applications, including that you have for your iPhone or iPod touch purchased applications. Developer has developed a number of exciting new applications, these new applications that take full advantage of the iPad's multi-touch interface, large screen and high-quality images.

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