3G network has not spread Xian Ting of IPhone of good 3GS edition to enter India

On March 20 message, company of Indian Bharti Airtel announces in the statement in a keep a civil tongue in one's head on Friday, it had signed an agreement with the apple, should be in future introduces malic IPhone India inside a few months. Airtel website is new the updated answer that offerred pair of a few issues partly, point out this company clearly the 3G IPhone mobile phone that still will continue to sell 8GB edition besides the mobile phone of 3GS edition IPhone besides the 8GB with new sale and 16GB capacity. These mobile phones sell the store that passes him Airtel. IPhone mobile phone still locks up 3GS edition to be in in Airtel surely Indian network and did not bind service contract, let an user buy those who be used at this kind of mobile phone any new get stuck with existing Airtel SIM. But, do not have commutative privilege to existing 3G IPhone user. The price of this mobile phone has not announced till Airtel is current, also did not announce to whether will offer any service plans that apply to IPhone technically. The user can use Airtel freely to carry any application that offer to plan at present. The operation business that provides IPhone as another exclusive of India (although be the IPhone of old 3G model) , wo Dafeng predicts what will announce his very quickly to introduce 3GS edition IPhone Indian plan. But, wo Dafeng still does not have any views at present. Those who be worth to point out is Airtel and Wo Dafeng do not have 3G network in India so far. In a few years of in the past, 3G spectrum auction of India had been deferred many times. Now, india plans to will auction 3G spectrum April, airtel and Wo Dafeng had put forward to attend on sale to apply for. Indian telecommunication superintendency bureau ever expressed, this on sale winner will allow to be in later from September the 3G that India offers commerciality serves.

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