All of 18 kinds of craft meets: IPhone can be made " tonometer "

To IPhone development once had evaluate first so: IPhone development is imitated all the time, never be surmounted. Indeed, base fine-looking develop the function with its diversity at the IPhone of a suit with wisdom, always let this society be full of a surprise. According to foreign media coverage, after rich sees the thread of ideas in writing join the MFI label of malic company to plan permissibly, express, some hardware makes branch of research and development of near future company and middle east the firm goes joint development to be based on application software of medical treatment of the 3rd acting IPhone/iPod Touch, ISpmeter (tonometer) . Rich sees the IPhone of the thread of ideas in writing develop technical personnel to express, ISpmeter is worth the blood pressure that through IPhone tripartite accessory will measure undertake data is analysed, proposal inferior healthy patient undertakes blood pressure restore through the means such as cookbook, motion. "Rich sees this IPhone of the thread of ideas in writing develop applied program, have extremely high economic value, can in time offer health to seek advice for the user. " rich sees personnel of interior of the thread of ideas in writing express. As we have learned, rich sees company of the thread of ideas in writing is home famous 3G crosses Internet of platform intelligence shift to develop business. A few days ago, 2009, rich sees the thread of ideas in writing add the MFI label plan of malic company permissibly, already multinomial applying is developed in succession. "In January 2005 by malic company the portion is begun to carry out MFI label plan, participate in the manufacturer of this plan, development is based on the software of IPhone platform, malic company will provide technical support and news service. " malic respect explanation says. Join MFI to plan to be not easy thing, the company that the apple plans to attending MFI to mark has strict checkup condition. To malic company's slashing condition, company of development of a 3G of domestic has personal painful. "Plan it is not easy to plan into MFI, the successful case that should have product of very successful IPhone ability is OK. " this company already applied for for many times to malic company, defeat time and again.

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