Iphone 4G:The apple advertises for Manager LTE technical

Sprint company launched the Android 2.1 HTC production EVO smartphone "system, this is the first American market, the mobile network support" will be listed in the summer. Rumors say apple to launch in support of the iPhone phone. "network,

Currently, the mobile market intelligence and please take seven are constantly on Windows, apple apple iPhone pressure only innovation can guarantee the iPhone in future, adopting new network technology to achieve better Internet application experience is one of the best choices.

Apple a recruitment information released recently also verified indirectly, the position 4318719 Numbers for introduction, apple is recruiting a cellular network technology software manager.

Apple or technical manager for LTE 4G edition iPhone

The position of the technical requirements for candidates in definite WCDMA/UMTS, HSPA, HSPA +, LTE and other network technology level, and achieve experts have 3GPP2 3GPP/application requirements, certification and approval test operators, the manager will experience in program management team design mobile phone software agreement, and the executive and integrated into the new iPhone.

Perhaps apple shortly after can give a new name is called, "according to the iPhone 3G, at least not in the way to give a name to give 3GSS.

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