Apple iPad is expected to create 2.5 billion U.S. dollars the first year

2.5 billion in annual profits, the United States "Newsweek" that Steve Jobs has an incredible ability to bring people do not know in the end product or need stirring up, and then suddenly, we found that those who can not, or was actually lives missing. iPad is brewing for many years the dream of Steve Jobs is said that when he received a liver transplant operation, but also in mind this product. He told the people around him, iPad that he has done in this life the most important thing.

iPad using the iPhone's operating system, Macintosh computers is more than easy to operate. While some say that it is just larger version of the iPhone, not change anything. However, one only sell 500 U.S. dollars, the price attractive, and 150,000 kinds of small programs (app) can freely choose. Apple has received 24 million Pre-orders, expected to ship in the first year could sell 5 million units, the creation of 2.5 billion U.S. dollars of profits.

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