iPhone 4G Report predicted about 90% by 2014, smartphone will built-in WiFi

Market Research company (hereinafter referred to as "true ABI ABI) reported Tuesday, local time for the next few years, no built-in WiFi network technology in the market smartphone will almost extinct.

ABI, about half of smartphones built-in has WiFi, 2014 this will increase to 90%. Prompt smartphone built-in WiFi factor is the need of the multimedia applications, such as bandwidth to the game and exquisite image video stream. Give an apple is to show the advantages of WiFi smartphone. Apple in American exclusive mobile operators partner, said AT&T wireless data with the iPhone than other users. Flow

In order to alleviate the pressure, AT&T 3G network for the user through more than 2 give free WiFi hot online). ABI analysts Michael Morgan (Michael Morgan) said in a statement. "in data service center for mobile multimedia era, mobile operators will WiFi as mobile network flow pressure relief, improve the user experience of a kind of way, due to the speed of data transmission, mobile phone users began to demand function." provide WiFi Even mobile operators launched "network, WiFi due to the low cost, will still be in wireless Internet access domain.

Although most of the mobile phones using built-in WiFi old standard, but as a kind of new standard, 802.11 n is attention. ABI prediction by 2014, 802.11 n will become mainstream of mobile phone use WiFi technology. Currently has 10 smart phone support, including LG and 802.11 n, samsung 6. Download speed is the 802.11 n g 802.11 five times, also covered by 100 meters radius increased to 200 meters. In addition, 802.11 n have other advantages, such as the number of data transmission efficiency and battery life time is longer, the network capacity.

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