Does portion of IPhone of domestic smartphone market get the better of Ophone slightly?

Yesterday, easy view international releases " quarter of mart of smartphone of China of the 4th quarter was monitored 2009 " data shows, the four seasons was spent last year, IPhone mobile phone gets the better of competitor Ophone series slightly with the market share of 0.7% the portion of 0.4% . Symbian smartphone product of Nuojiya still holds very preponderance position. Data shows, gross of sale of the 4th quarter amounted to Chinese smartphone market 2009 7.247 million, annulus comparing grows 29.8% , the smartphone that has 72.1% among them is to use Nuojiya the Symbian operating system of dominant, show Nuojiya series product is in the influence with huge home market. Chinese UniCom (600050, ) the Ophone mobile phone of introduced IPhone mobile telephone and Chinese mobile dominant also begins to be in engage in a battle of home market front. Watch international easily to predict, the demand rate that the abundance that turns a product as smartphone administrative levels and user use to mobile Internet rises, still be opposite exciting user market the farther consumption demand of the smartphone, and the development foreground henceforth can compare the smartphone that IPhone, Ophone is based on Android platform with etc hopeful.  

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