The first program for the first time exposure iPad Screenshot

Last week, reports that Apple has extended an invitation to software developers, said it had opened iPad tablet machine to submit the first application software, as well as audit, iPad version of iPhone applications and what difference? Appadvice, Macstories and a number of sites has brought iPad version of application stores and some application software screenshot.

iPad shops and the first version of application procedures for the first time exposure shots

Store in the application, the application's name coupled with HD showed that it was carried out specifically for iPad resolution chain, or in the functions carried out for the iPad special optimization. In which a program called OmniGraffle price reached 49.99 U.S. dollars, this software is used to map flow and interface prototype, and provide PDF output and MAC synchronization, and perhaps this iPad board has been able to reach the desktop version of OmniGraffle user experience.

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