King the shift in building time to say still is negotiating with the apple IPhone sale

According to foreign media coverage, chinese mobile Zhou Wu says, still be in launch a negotiation with respect to IPhone sale arrangements with the apple. Wang Jianzhou of Chinese mobile president expresses to media during two meetings: "We are undertaking negotiating with respect to this one problem with the apple all the time. " Chinese UniCom reached cooperative agreement with the apple last year, become Chinese head home to introduce the mobile operation dealer of IPhone, sell IPhone at beginning formally last year in October to be in chinese mainland area. Wang Jianzhou expresses, no matter from be being returned for a long time is short-term in light of, the investment that China moves to develop a bank to Shanghai Pudong will is opposite partner is advantageous. He still complements, this investment plans to accord with superintendency requirement at present. China is mobile this Zhou San expresses, developing a bank with Shanghai Pudong new buy a plan to undertake negotiating, both sides is returned " potential strategy cooperates " launched a negotiation. It is reported, plan of bank of Shanghai Pudong development moves to China directional add send 2.2 billion new, 20% what hold this company total capital stock about.

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