Palm development is covered can change IPhone application WebOS

The message says, the plug-in unit development of Palm is covered (PDK) will OK change IPhone application special and simply WebOS, the changeover that joins game is very convenient also, performance also equallies matched if really according to weighing He Ping. Game of existing most mobile phone gathers in IPhone platform, and the vice-president that develops company Gameloft expresses it after the PDK that used Palm very " smooth, friendly " , can let mobile phone application transplant to go up to WebOS from IPhone immediately. Rich application is an intelligence machine it is imperative condition, accordingly they must look the kind that resembles undermine the foundation to increase application with this kind, although the applied Cheng ordinal of Palm is measured from 1000 to 1500 added about the same in part, but it is only the software amount to IPhone and Android 1% with 10% .  

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