iPhone 4G Fool's Day news broadcast

Fourth-generation iPhone will debut the iPhone 4G as the overall style than in the past and not much change, but for the convenience of users in 3G networks to achieve two-way video call capability, an increase in the top of the screen of a video camera. In addition, the new generation iPhone also will be equipped with iPhone 4.0 operating system, and will also provide 64GB capacity version of the WLAN wireless local area network functions will increase the IEEE802.11n standards support to the transmission rate, it can be WLAN transfer rate from the current 802.11a and 802.11g provides 54Mbps, providing up to 300Mbps or 600Mbps. It is worth mentioning that, the aircraft will be equipped with ARM Cortex-A9 processor, it seems to us a kind of dream-like feeling.

Moreover, in addition to the new machine is equipped with a 5 million pixel camera and add a circle for the apple LOG0 to reflect the new changes, the most incredible place for iPhone 4G a conspicuous increase in memory card expansion slot SD. And fourth-generation iPhone will use special glass integrated design statement has also been confirmed. Apple's new machines will be similar to the mighty mouse's body using touch technology, its features is the ability to make iPhone 4G back support operations and multi-touch gestures to solve the iPhone's fingerprints "pollution" and the operation of occlusion problems.

Of course, the most appealing is the first time introduced in the iPhone family of color version of the concept. Although this is rare in the apple family, but three generations of products have been introduced are still in black and white iPhone series is concerned, a variety of color choices can at least look in the phone style case gives little change with to some of freshness. As we stated earlier, Apple iPhone has been around for years, always look for people to bring Shenmeipilao circumstances, may really need some of the details were improved.

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