Apple iPad will not change the world?

Apple iPad known as the world's thinnest notebook computer, a number of scientific and technological elite whose claims would change the entire world and people's lives. However, "PC Magazine" editor in chief of Lansi Wu Lan Nuofu (Lance Ulanoff) that Apple iPad laptops will not change high-tech industries, printing industry and our lives,

Apple iPad is a laptop without the keyboard, it is not the future "as the same God" will change the way we live equipment. I like most people, I believe iPad tablet PCs and other high-technology markets, as part of the success of the time is ripe. I do not want to elaborate on all the reasons, as I have said before. However, I heard some guy is really a crazy speech, they think Apple's iPad and tablet PCs will change the high-tech industry, printing industry and our lives.

I'm not saying Apple iPad tablet PCs and traditional media in the future will not play. Obviously, they will be as before, as personal computers and networks play a role.

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