Steve Wociniyake: Will buy car of more abundant cropland

The rate that has love to the car often can surmount the business that a few world cannot understand, the apple combines father Steve Wociniyake (Steve Wozniak) Zhou Wu expresses, although abundant cropland near future is deep-set " car accelerator footplate " incident, but he loves himself greatly " Pu Rui this " (Prius) , and still can continue in the future buy. Wociniyake says: "I love my Prius greatly. Current, a lot of product interior are embedded have the computer, giving an issue is hard to avoid. " Wociniyake still says, he had bought 9 Prius, still can buy car of more abundant cropland in the future. Wociniyake says: "I think abundant cropland car is very safe still. " Wociniyake still thinks, the problem appears on software. Wociniyake ever expressed last month, feng Tian's problem is probable it is software breakdown.

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