iPhone 4G may use Samsung LCD panels

Apple iPad Full Distribution of the flat-panel soon. While the hardware specifications iPad much blame the industry, but this "tasteless" products has made the first book is still quite remarkable results. iPad madness is not just selling cheap apples, even the upper parts manufacturers have followed a lot of light soiled. According to anonymous industry source, Samsung has signed with Apple iPad has a big single-screen, which allegedly orders worth 240 million U.S. dollars, involving about three million iPad dedicated LCD LCD panel.

The source also revealed that Apple iPad tablet of the most expensive component is its 9.7 inches touch screen display and the corresponding interface, these two modules together, the cost has reached 80 U.S. dollars. It is noteworthy that iPad large display area than the iPhone 3GS twice, but the price of 5 times more expensive than the latter. The source does not further Xiangjie secondary reason, but did reveal an iSuppli had forecast Apple iPad materials orders, the cost of a single analysis of the iPad.

In addition to 240 million U.S. dollars worth of LCD panels outside of big orders, Samsung and Apple may have reached many more supply agreement. Samsung and Apple are also reported on the upcoming launch of 4G iPhone and iPad conduct "in-depth negotiations." "So far, to my knowledge will be the next generation of Apple's iPhone mobile phone use (our) LCD panels," said an anonymous Samsung executives so. It is worth mentioning that Samsung is developing its own flat-panel products, which products may be Apple's iPad a certain competition.

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