The Apple Company will announce iPhone 4G on June 1

Apple iPhone has the numerous faithful bean or sweet potato starch noodles, has filled with the anticipation to the next generation iPhone product, before this in the network once had presented many kind of iPhone 4G conceptual design. Has the hearsay to demonstrate that the apple will announce iPhone 4G officially on June 1.

this news from the apple research and the design team member Steve Scott email, has revealed the new iPhone news in the mail.

“Apple Company will hold the release conference in June 1 to promote iPhone 4G, now could also divulge the related detail, iPhone 4G will be compared to formerly a better equipment, increased many new functions.”

if this word is true, then had proven the apple is carrying out the new strategy, by further promotes iPhone the market share, and encourages the user to wait for the new equipment.

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