Notifo: Can manage IPhone all pushing send an announcement the service

Beijing time on March 19 message, according to foreign media coverage, get the Notifo company that Y Combinator of poineering hatch company backs, zhou Si rolled out IPhone mobile phone to apply. This application can manage IPhone all pushing send an announcement the service (Push Notifications) , let an user gain better experience thereby. IPhone before this push send announcement service to put have drawback, because ask,different application manages respective announcement. Because IPhone cannot handle all announcements at the same time, the announcement that obtains when the user accordingly jumps over a long time, can bring about user experience to become very bad. Notifo application offerred the solution that this kind of anguish experiences end user. Because Notifo established a kind of way, will get all announcements through one party. After installing Notifo application when the user, can read all announcements that already chose subscription fluently. The applied process interface of Notifo (API) make any websites can embed easily on the website a certain number of simple travel code, very rapid offer push send an announcement the service. Do not need to pass examine and approve link, want built-in code only, the website can be offerred to the user push send an announcement the service. Current, notifo application just still is aimed at IPhone mobile phone. The user can log onto App Store of malic application shop, download this free application. But the plan according to Notifo company, this application will apply to platform of all main mobile phone finally, and application of very fast Notifo can apply to Android mobile phone and blackberry mobile phone. The author of Notifo company is to check De Aitezeer (Chad Etzel) , he ever held the position of the tripartite of Twitter of miniature rich guest to develop personnel, be in charge of as similar as this item.

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