Apple iPhone 4G exposure of new features

Apple's next-generation iPhone will likely will use the smaller size of the screen, and the body will become more lightweight, thus even greater differences with the iPad, and to prevent the formation of internal competition between the two unfavorable situations. At the same time according to market analysts say, the new generation iPhone to use a smaller screen, more in line with the principles of precision marketing, and can increase the sales of Apple's iPad. Because from the current situation.

Apple iPad and the only difference between the iPhone 3G is the iPhone be able to call, and if iPad take full advantage of wireless networks and network-based 3G phone features, then the difference between the two will be smaller. Thus, market analysts believe Apple will increase the difference between the iPhone and iPad on the grounds that Apple has for the iPad invested a lot, but make way for iPhone will give iPad in order to make sure that the Tablet PC to become the company's new landmark products.

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