iPad new orders until the delivery date after April 12

Apple iPad orders currently in good condition, so that 6 this week, Apple updated the official website of the content, noting that all the new iPad orders to wait until April 12 need to be shipped. Apple's next Saturday will be the official listing of its WiFi capabilities iPad only support models that have been booked in advance this model the user can then receive their orders, such orders, delivery date is still April 3 , and the ordering of the customers can also choose to go directly to stores for sale on select goods, or wait for mail order, but in the recently updated official website is no longer the surface of the right to choose to have only recently begun ordering the users.

According to Apple's official website updated surface show that the support WiFi +3 G function iPad official release date is still the end of April.

Apple's new orders to postpone the delivery date of the action, shows the current inventory of iPad models have basically been consumed before the completion of orders. Many people here are under the speculation that Apple's contract manufacturers to the volume of orders in the end the number, but no one can be more accurate figure.

Some media pointed out that since the 12th of this month Apple started opening up iPad reservation, the program has sold hundreds of thousands iPad. These media also believe that the first three months of starting iPad sales could exceed iPhone sales are starting earlier.

In addition, Apple has recently introduced a new iPad accessories for users booking, this is a iPad camera connected component, this component can be connected directly to the camera equipment on the iPad, its price is 29 dollars, the official launch date is "the end of April."

While the other before the delivery date for the delay of the delivery date iPad attachment is still unchanged.

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