Opera is developing iPhone(iPhone 4G) version of Opera Mini browser

In spite of the desktop browser market, but in a hobbled smartphone platform, Opera company launched the Opera Mini browser but give users brings a lot of surprise. Opera Mini can not only like other browsers have web browsing function, but also for the Opera specialized browser Settings, using this transfer server browser design, data can be used to send compressed format, and by the server is responsible for receiving data unpack, mobile phone is so many pages load decline, the time is reduced greatly, also make Opera Mini open-source platform on smart phones become the fastest browsers, it is a pity that browser so far failed to enter iPhone platform.

However, according to the Opera company executives Tetzschner von Jon said, the company has developed in the browser version of the iPhone, but they are still not clear apples on the attitude of processors. "We expect an apple may allow the browser on the platform in the iPhone, they will stop doing this product login iPhone platform?" Of course he's that some slightly pale, who all know apples on the platform in the iPhone OS software has been quite harsh admittance system, and this is the Opera Mini machine with official browser software "is a serious function of overlap product? It seems that the only time can give the exact answer.

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