Apple released a new version of iTunes software, iTunes 9.1 support iPad

Apple iPad be sold in the U.S. market, for Apple to upgrade iTunes to launch iTunes 9.1 version of the software to support this new product.

Users can directly through Apple or through the Software Update to upgrade. According to Apple's introduction, iTunes 9.1 than previous versions of iTunes on a number of functional improvements, and introduced some new features, including synchronization with the iPad to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books, etc.; management and synchronization from iBooks Download iPad on the books, or add to your iTunes stacks in; rename, arrange, or delete Genius Mixes.

Apple iTunes 9.1 is described in detail. The new software will replace the iTunes Source list, the existing "Audiobooks" section, introduced a wider range of "Books" section. Users connect via USB cable to connect to the iTunes desktop client, you can purchase through the iPad the iBookstore books, and books are classified and to keep pace. The upgrade has also improved in September last year launched the Genius Mixes iTunes 9 features, analysis and presentation according to the results of Genius automatically create playlists.

iTunes recently upgraded early in February this year to upgrade some security holes were fixed. Last year in October, iTunes 9.0.2 added compatibility with Apple TV 3.0 features, allowing users to watch content through set-top box.

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