The Apple Company starts iPhone 4G to exempt proposes the pattern

Morning reported the iPhone hands-free Cell Mate - apple again, see equipment with the iPhone camera start study of answering the phone hands-free mode. You can think of apples are also thinking, sometimes even beyond your imagination, this is an apple.

Some days, we reported the apple of a patented by simply in the iPhone camera swept gently to control the language of the box or back. However, in the eyes of apple, camera is not only these functions. In the latest patent, the iPhone (or apple iPad) training "into" in certain situations will automatically convert iPhone hands-free mode, such as driving or busy something else, this technology can come in handy.

Of course, it all depends on iPhone cameras. Cameras will be "training" into the surrounding light environment and automatic identification, user instructions to determine whether startup hands-free mode. If you are a sate executives, so this technology is what you need. But now it is just an apple a project research and development team.

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