iPad watch video battery can persist over 10 hours

If people think the iPad is mainly a new portable device, it most likely will have little appeal. But if we regard it as in many cases (such as Internet, e-mail, social networking, photo browsing, video, play games, listen to music, or even create a small number of loading content) to replace a more cumbersome way of computer , then it may have been achieved as the iPhone, as a change person.

iPad of battery life left me deep impression. I found it earlier than Apple's 10 small Shihai long, far longer than my laptop and smart phones. To test battery life, I continuously played movies, TV shows and other video, until the batteries run out. This is the most power-hungry features of the iPad is the formation of a large screen display load. Results iPad has spent 11 hours 28 minutes, is longer than Apple said about 15%.

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