Apple will launch a 4G version of the iPhone 3GSS products

User recent Internet search for "known as WCDMA / UMTS, HSPA, HSPA +, LTE cellular technologies such as software management engineer" when, in the May 2009 release of Apple's work report of an accidental discovery of a "blockbuster" , it is the iPhone 3GS follow-up products - 4G version of the iPhone 3GSS. The emergence of this product does not mean that Apple will bring its annual production cycle as the next one in the main product, but also could not explain the beginning deeply in love with Apple's 4G version of the product. However, in view of AT & T for long-term Evolution (LTE) increasingly strong interest, coupled with Apple is in a "honeymoon period", LTE is likely widely used in the future, Apple introduced a variety of portable devices.

There are also reports that Apple will not offer this 4G recent version of the iPhone 3GSS, and consumers have not shown too much of their expectations.

LTE technology is the 3GPP launched since 2006, the largest R & D projects of new technologies, such as to OFDM / FDMA-based technologies can be regarded as "quasi-4G" technology.

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