The report says 3 big reason decide IPhone portion exceeded blackberry 2011

Beijing time on March 6 message, according to foreign media coverage, american finance seeks advice from company Trefis to released a report to say a few days ago, the apple will be in the beginning of the year replaced RIM 2011, make the whole world manufacturer of the 2nd big smartphone. In a few years of in the past, depending on IPhone and blackberry mobile phone in the market superior performance, apple and RIM in succession nibble the portion of the manufacturer of traditional mobile phone such as Nuojiya, Motolora, win promotion ceaselessly in the portion of mobile phone market. Trefis goes out in report middle finger, although the apple is in currently the portion of smartphone market still under RIM, but predict 2011 the beginning of the year, market share of the apple can surmount RIM. Trefis offerred malic stock the target share price of 267 dollars currently, among them mobile phone business is for the contribution of this share price 52% ; Trefis offerred RIM stock the target share price of 77 dollars at the same time, the contribution of mobile phone business is about 50% . 2009, the apple is in the portion of mobile phone market from 2007 0.3% rise to 2% ; The market share of RIM is the same as the corresponding period 1% rise to 3% the left and right sides. The portion in mobile phone market will be in Trefis predicting apple to exceeded RIM 2011, two companies will be held respectively 11% with the market share of 8% . Trefis thinks, mobile phone shipment of the apple can surmount RIM basically is to be based on 3 big reason: The first, compare with photograph of blackberry mobile phone, system of malic consumer goods (include Macs, IPad, apple TV) kimono Wu (ITunes, IPhone Apps) , will make IPhone makes more absorbing product. The 2nd, end the exclusiveness agreement that signs with AT&T, will make IPhone mobile phone acquires channel of more extensive put on sale in the beauty. The 3rd, IPhone is being built with the connection between commercial user, on the tradition this part user more favour blackberry mobile phone.

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