120 dollars per month, Verizon iPhone data plans prices

Enderle Group analyst Rob Enderle said, Verizon iPhone data service price is 20-90 U.S. dollars per month, not limited to traffic data service prices may even be as high as $ 120

Verizon advertises data plans costing $15 a month for 150 MB of data on 3G smartphones, or $29.99 for unlimited data. Separately, Verizon charges for text and voice. The top fee for texting covers 5,000 texts or unlimited mobile to mobile for $20 a month; the top unlimited voice plan is $69.99. Texting plans start at 20 cents per text; voice plans start at $39.99 a month for 450 minutes.

South Korean director Park Chan-wook film "Paranmanjang" using the iPhone

South Korean film director Park Chan-wook said Monday that his new movie "Paranmanjang" completely is to use Apple's iPhone, to the shooting.

Verizon iPhone 4G will support CDMA, GSM, and LT

Verizon Wireless will announce support both CDMA and GSM in the iPhone. Verizon Wireless version of Apple's iPhone will be called the "iPhone 4G", while supporting the US-LTE Verizon Wireless and AT & T's GSM / UMTS HSPA +.

About Verizon iPhone 4

Analysts predict Apple's expansion of the iPhone to Verizon in the US will net 9 to 12 million iPhone subscribers this year, nearly as many as AT&T attracted in 2010.

The Verizon iPhone 4 and the resulting multi-carrier iPhone era are set to impact Apple’s way of doing business in strange ways.

Apple is expected to be downplaying the importance of the Verizon iPhone. Apple cannot raise expectations, if Verizon simply gets the iPhone 4 as well and Apple surely wants to stay out of a carrier bitch fight. However, the iPhone 4 at Verizon is critical for the company's future success.