Response to the parties to the iPad

Bill Gates on the iPad response?

I have always been for the touch operation, electronic reading confidence in a class of products, but I still feel the need to have some voice-activated, touch / pen, physical keyboard to meet, that is, or so-called small electrical products more Well, they will become the mainstream in the future. To put it simply is "not optimistic."

Sony's response to the iPad?

Oneta stretching Chief Financial Officer added, "Tablet PC market is also very interested in our direction." Also added a sentence "Although the iPad to grab the opportunities, but as a latecomer, Sony will be a more positive attitude into the flat-panel computer field." Sony Dao Shi attack full force here and look forward to Sony's new products!

Acer's response to the iPad?

Lin Hsien-Lang pointed out that Acer have the ability to produce a similar product with the iPad, but had no intention to do so because it is not in line with the company's development direction. He referred to the iPad able to benefit from their existing iTunes sales model, but many manufacturers, including Acer does not have the experience in the relevant market. In short: "Non-can not and indeed should not do so."

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