IPhone marchs hard mobile advertising unwillings to lag behind at WM

Collect the data that come to make clear according to Smaato of mobile ad firm, the advertisement benefit on Windows Mobile smartphone and the advertisement benefit that go up than IPhone a bit are tall. In the index of Smaato, the hit that passes Windows Mobile is achieved 91, and the hit that passes IPhone and IPod Touch lags behind at Windows Mobile a little, for 89. Last year December, malic hit still maintains in 119, the share dropped in Feburary 2010 104. The hit of Symbian still is resided firmly the first, for 147, and Android Qu Ju the 2nd, for 110. The apple bought Quattro Wireless company to already divulged the apple is about to march apparently the ambition of mobile advertising, and the apple is the closest more farther to the invite applications for a job of director of IPhone SDK ad watch understands an apple the effort of the advertising Wu of patulous IPhone platform.

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