Those who sell is high end: Cross-strait IPhone formula endowment cost contrasts greatly

Taiwan media has report the elder brother of eldest brother of Taiwan of telecommunication of operation Shang Yuanchuan of Taiwan will sell malic IPhone the mobile phone at leaving recently, include IPhone3GS and IPhone3G two version model. With Taiwan other operation a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale is same, far pass telecommunication to also be IPhone mobile phone custom-built 24 months buy aircraft program in the privilege of the net, put due telephone bill beforehand, can low buys IPhone mobile phone freely even. Discover in the endowment cost that from business of two Taiwan operation new exposure comes out, 3 operation business differs for the endowment cost with custom-built IPhone not much, maintain in a level, relative to on the high side. This are like with mainland photograph, uniCom plans quotation user to think generally for the 24 months agreement with custom-built IPhone on the high side. Regard the whole world as the hottest intelligence machine, no matter where IPhone is the cosset in operation business hand, what be become to make high-end machine is indicative. What do the formula that we compare UniCom IPhone now and the IPhone formula with telegraphic Taiwan have to distinguish. Compare to go to the lavatory, we a Taiwan in form is far changeover of value of currency of endowment fee table is the IPhone formula that passes telecommunication RMB price undertakes detailed is solved. Express among them 1 for Taiwan far pass telegraphic official net to go up to plan to mix about purchasing the formula of IPhone mobile phone detail, express 2 with the watch 3 it is the detailed solution that makes quite with mainland UniCom IPhone to go to the lavatory. The basis is expressed 2 with the watch 3 our discovery, buy far pass telegraphic IPhone mobile phone, same need agreement is in net time 24 months, of this and Taiwan other two operation a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale is same, also plan to agree with the 24 months agreement of Chinese UniCom IPhone. We take the 8G of IPhone3G to serve as example: Buy UniCom IPhone3G8GB, choose formula of 126 yuan of lowest, price of IPhone mobile phone is 3099 yuan, want to put 2900 yuan beforehand; Buy Taiwan IPhone 3G 8GB, choose formula of 159 yuan of lowest, the mobile phone needs 2019 yuan, need puts 4707 yuan beforehand. From the watch 4 in, the agreement that we may reach the IPhone agreement of Chinese UniCom compares Taiwan operation business has an advantage more this one conclusion, no matter be the IPhone of 3G edition 8GB, still be the two memory version of 3GS, it is Chinese UniCom is in integral price respect is more dominant. Do not cross UniCom IPhone and do not have inside buy WiFi function, and the IPhone of Taiwan telecommunication version maintained WiFi function however, far pass telecommunication to express, choice month is hired in 223 yuan of above, the user can enjoy free WiFi to serve. Buy plane side in 0 yuan nevertheless, buy Taiwan far pass telegraphic IPhone3G mobile phone, choose minimum 292 yuan formula, put 4704 yuan beforehand, can obtain an IPhone mobile phone freely; And Chinese UniCom respect, need chooses 586 yuan formula, need puts 5999 yuan beforehand, ability can buy IPhone3G mobile phone freely. In this respect, no matter be formula price element,still deposit money beforehand element, it is Taiwan far pass telecommunication more reasonable. Discover through comparing us, no matter be Chinese UniCom or business of Taiwan telecommunication operation, very tall to the fixed position of IPhone, the price although somewhat difference, but be in almost 6000 yuan of above. To domestic user, lacking WiFi function is the bad-mouth of UniCom IPhone, it is again good that price of UniCom IPhone mobile phone is reduced nevertheless, it is certain below the circumstance that nevertheless UniCom IPhone mobile phone did not change in supply of goods to be made very hard adjust. To Taiwan user, if want to buy the IPhone mobile phone of travel goods version, can the operation business that careful calculation and strict budgeting chooses to have an advantage more from respect of privilege of gift, service, telephone bill.  

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