Cereal song tall canal says: IPhone is just like the Dishini with topping enclosure

XML (can expand sign language) collective author lay mines of • of Mu of the base of a fruit this Zhou Yi expresses to the outside, he already added adviser of the member that Gu Ge makes a development, basically be in charge of Android system. Lay mines ever assumed office before this at Sun, when speaking of the account that chooses Gu Ge his explanation says, it is Android on one hand open, emphasize particularly on the concept of Web application lets him produce resonance, also be opposite for expression on the other hand the dissatisfaction of policy of malic IPhone product. Lay mines although the hardware of highly praise apple, but he disapproves of an apple to be initiated in applied shop from time to time clear the action, he says the apple is examined too strict. "IPhone filtered the controversy content such as the pornography in Internet, democratic freedom while, the power of know the inside story that limitted us highly and speech counterpoise, " lay mines is being written in the article, "IPhone platform is topping like an enclosure of guard forbidding enlighten person Buddhist nun Eden, be being guarded ceaselessly by the lawyer of teeth of a flock of iron tine copper day and night. The people of development application must look the complexion act of boss, for fear that irritated not carefully he " . He returns complement to say, practice itself of the apple is self-contradictory, it claims to want to be benefited from inside Internet on one hand, be in again on one hand block in software and hardware superstratum layer, still share information to try to restrict to developing personnel even. Under photograph comparing, android developer can visit the component of most mobile phone directly, still can revise user interface to perhaps write application to improve mobile phone function by oneself partly even. Apple of it is reported once still was opposite " pilfer edition " the ban below the application of its core function, this action is pointed to meaning compete in avoid.

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